Morsi tells Egyptian court “I am President”, trial adjourned


morsi2Cairo, Nov 4 (PTI): A defiant Mohammed Morsi today appeared at a court here to face charges of inciting murder and violence during the ousted Egyptian president’s year-long rule, even as his high-profile trial was adjourned to January 8.

Morsi, in his first public appearance since the army deposed him in July, called the court “illegal” and asserted: “I am Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the president of the republic…

“This court is illegal,” the 62-year-old Muslim Brotherhood leader said, clad in a suit rather than the customary white detention clothes.

He slammed his ouster and demanded that the military leaders, who staged the coup, face trial.

“This was a military coup. The leaders of the coup should be tried. A coup is treason and a crime,” Morsi said.

After Morsi’s remarks and his refusal to wear a uniform, the judge adjourned the trial until January 8 to allow prosecution and defence to examine documents.

During the trial, Morsi asserted that he is the “legitimate president of the country,” appealing to the “Egypt’s judiciary not to provide cover for the criminal coup d’etat,” in reference to his ouster on July 3.

Supporters of the leader protested outside the court and elsewhere.

At least 10 people died in the clashes at the Ittihadiya presidential palace in December 2012 which broke out after pro-Morsi protesters attacked a sit-in held by opponents of a presidential decree which had granted the Islamist leader expanded powers.

If found guilty, Morsi and 14 others could face lifetime imprisonment or the death penalty.

The deposed Islamist president was brought from a secret military facility where he has been detained for the past four months.

He was flown down to the venue of the trial, a police academy in an eastern district here, by a helicopter.


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