More than 10,000 ISIS fighters killed in 9 month campaign, U.S. Official

10, 000 killed by US campaign in nine months
More than 10, 000 ISIS death were reported killed since the US government started campaign against the group.

US deputy secretary of state Antony Blinken said more than 10, 000 ISIS deaths were recorded since the government started the campaign against the group, nine months ago. He was speaking in an interview a day after coalition members joined Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, for a conference in Paris that assessed progress in the campaign.

“Indeed, when you act against a force like Daesh, which is a terrorist force with a totalitarian ideology, and that does not fear death, we recorded an enormous loss for Daesh. More than 10,000 since this campaign started. And this will eventually have an effect,” Blinken told French radio.

“Islamic State now controls 25 per cent less of Iraq after nine months, a lot of their equipment has been destroyed and many Daesh members have been eliminated,” Blinken said. Earlier, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones, had told Al Arabiya television in January, that an estimated 6,000 fighters had been killed.


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