Monsoon delayed by seven days; to hit Kerala coastline by 7 June



Monsoon is likely to be delayed by six days before its hits Kerala coastline, announced the Indian Meteorological Department. Earlier, the scheduled date given for monsoon’s arrival in the state was 1 June.

According to a weather official, the southwest monsoon is likely to hit Kerala by 7 June with an error margin for plus or minus four days.

“Forecast of monsoon which has been issued by us in the past 11 years has always been correct,” said IMD director general Laxman Singh Rathore.

Due to low pressure in the Bay of Bengal which would become a depression there could be relief from intense heat to Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala in the coming few days.

Rathore said this was moving towards Tamil Nadu cost and there was every risk of it ingesting monsoon in the air, which will contribute to delay monsoon.

The delay in monsoon in Kerala will also delay monsoon in other parts of the country. To cite an instance, monsoon will hit Bengal 14 or 17 June.