Moga molestation: Bus passengers say “haven’t seen anything”


MOGA molestation

Punjab Police on Wednesday said, that they have recorded the statements of five passengers who were in the same bus in which a teenage girl was, after being molested, thrown off to her death, near Moga in Punjab.

But the statements may not cause any significant development in the probe, as the passengers said in their statement, that they have not seen or heard anything regarding the molestation and also pleaded with the police not to involve them in the case, police said.

The police informed that they traced the passengers on the basis of their cell phone tower locations.

According to reports, the passengers have been identified as Tarsem, a horticulture officer, Vijay Kumar, resident of Bathinda, Gagandeep Singh, resident of Jalalabad, Paramjit Singh and his wife Amarjit Kaur, residents of Bathinda.

Some of these passengers are even reported to have said that they were sleeping in the bus at the time of incident.

Moga police had earlier appealed to the passengers to come forward and help them in the investigation.

The teenage girl had died, while her mother sustained serious injuries, after they were allegedly molested and thrown off a moving bus belonging to the ruling Badal family in Punjab.

The incident, which kicked up a political storm, occurred on April 29, close to Gill village on the Moga-Kotkapura road, about 10 km from Moga.


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