Modi in Malaysia: To address East Asia Summit, reach out to Indian Diaspora



Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign visits are turning out to be huge draws. The latest country to be gripped by the Namo mania is Malaysia. On a on a three-day visit to Malaysia, during which he will be addressing  two high profile meetings at the ASEAN-India, and East Asia Summits, there is  huge excitement among the ethnic as well as the expatriate Indians, who are all eager to meet Modi.

At least 50 people, mostly ethnic Indians, waited patiently outside the Renaissance Hotel, with their mobile phone cameras held high to get that quick snap of the popular Indian premier.

Lakshmi Logamathy, a 25-year-old secretary, and two of her friends, had come to the hotel early in the morning, and waited on the low parapet wall outside the hotel foyer to a catch glimpse of Modi getting out of his car. “I got his picture, I am so proud to have met him,” an excited Lakshmi said.

Modi, besides addressing the East Asia Summit, will also address the Indian diaspora. Furthermore, he will hold talks with the top leadership of Malaysia, including his counterpart Najib Razak, on ways to ramp up bilateral cooperation in a range of areas, including defence and security, along with taking strategic ties to a new level. The two sides are likely to sign a number of MoUs.

“The world still looks to the South East Asian region to address global challenges. The East Asia Summit is the key forum to shaping our collective future”, Modi opined. The PM said that, the 21st century belonged to Asia.

Combating terrorism is likely to be one of the key issues at the 10th East Asia Summit, as nations, shocked by the recent, horrific Paris terror attacks, by the ISIS, try to step up efforts to stem the menace.

ASEAN is one of the world’s fastest growing regions, and both sides are likely to seek greater economic engagement, besides expanding cooperation in areas, such as, maritime security, including freedom of navigation, drug trafficking, and cyber crime.  ASEAN is India’s fourth largest trading partner, and India is the sixth largest trading partner for the ten member grouping.


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