Modi defends demonitisation in poll-bound Dehradun

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing Parivartan rally in Dehradun

“With just one move on November 8, the worlds of terrorism, drug mafia, human trafficking and fake note smuggling were destroyed,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing BJP’s Parivartan rally in poll-bound Dehradun on December 27.

While defending the central government’s decision of demonetisation, the Prime Minister said that the move has ended terrorism, fake currency, smuggling, human trafficking and drugs.

“Corruption has destroyed the country, which was known as a bird of gold. If the country is to progress, this plunder has to stop, corruption has to stop,” the Prime Minister said.

“You not only made me the Prime Minister but also the watchman and now some people are not comfortable that I am doing my job,” he added.

While attacking the opposition for opposing his note ban move, Modi said, “Most people are for honesty; it is just a handful who are trampling them. We have waged this war to empower those who are being trampled.”

Modi also inaugurated 900 kilometer-long Char Dham highway and paid tribute to victims of the 2013 floods in Uttarakhand. The highway, built at a cost of Rs 12,000 crore, will connect all the important sites of pilgrimage in Uttarakhand.

“I assure you that whenever you will come for Kedarnath, Badrinath yatra, you will remember this government like Shravan is remembered,” the PM said.