Meat Ban Wave Reaches Gujarat After Rajasthan And Mumbai

Gujarat joins the bandwagon
Gujarat joins the bandwagon

Gujarat is now on the list of the latest meat ban state after the recent Rajasthan and Mumbai, during the week long Jain festival of “Paryushan”.  Ban on sale of meat has been imposed in Gujarat for one week.

On Wednesday, Shiv Sena had strongly come out against any kind of meat ban during the Jain festival and its volunteers even open stall and started selling meat in Mumbai.

In Ahmedabad, Police Commissioner Shivanand Jha also ordered a ban on the slaughter of cattle like cows and goats for a week during the Jain fasting period.

In Rajasthan, government ordered a ban on the sale of meat and fish on September 17, 18 and 27 on account of festivals, including that of Jains.

In Jammu and Kashmir, the high court yesterday imposed a banned high court has imposed a banned on the sale of beef across the state. The court also asked the government to take steps to ensure that the restriction be strictly implemented.

The court, after hearing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) against cow slaughter, issued the subsequent order. The order was issued by divisional bench justice Dhiraj Singh Thakur and justice Janak Raj Kotwal of J&K High Court.


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