Jains who constitute just 0.37 per cent of Indian population are controlling the ruling Bharatiya Janatha Party Government by deploying their cultural (capital as well) hegemony of vegetarianism. The Jains have become the main driving force that could influence the BJP ideology of anti-meaterianism, anti-beeferianism, pro-cow protection and so on. But at the same time they have no respect for the buffalo, whose milk also they drink, simply because it is black animal. They are the ones who shaped the historical Western India’s- particularly the Gujarat ‘s ‘’milk but no meat’ economy. It were they who shaped the Gandhian ideology of non-violence, cow protection and vegetarian nationalism. Narendra Modi, though claims to be an Other Backward Class man, his family and more so he embraced vegetarian Jainism, without adhering to their holistic theory of non-violence. The Gujarati violence against Muslims is well known.

 It is these Jains that have been forcing unnatural economy of vegetarianism that the Buddhists opposed historically, which is the most popular religion of world that has the same Indian origin like Jainism. Buddhist population of the world constitutes 535 millon, whereas the Jain population of the world constitutes just 4.3 million. They are mostly in India. Buddhism has not only become the religion of multi-cuisine eastern world, but it has increased their food basket ( both meaterian and vegetarian) and made them most innovative. Imagine Chinese and Japanese being Jains with pure vegetarianism in their food basket. Fortunately for them they are Buddhists. The same Buddhism has now become the Indian Dalit religion, which no longer subscribes to vegetarianism. In fact, Indian Dalits are the largest beeferains after Muslims of India and they are moving into Buddhism. After Ambedkar embraced Buddhism in 1956 it has come to be known as Navayana Buddhism, with a meat and milk culture of inclusivity.

 The ongoing ban culture of the BJP is heavily influenced by the historical Jainism that adopted the so called Sattvik (pure vegetarian) culture from the days of Vardhamana Mahaveera (497 BC to 425 BC). Mahaveera adopted such extreme non-violent culture in opposition to the extreme violent animal sacrificial culture of Vedic Brahminism. Gauthama Buddha rejected both the extreme violent culture of Vedism and also the extreme non-violent culture of Jainism and adopted a culture of Madhyemarga, middle path. That actually saved humanity and nature from brutalism and stupidity. Buddha said ‘’violence as creed is bad and violence as need is un-avoidable”. Buddha himself was meat, beef and pork eater. But he used to eat the meat of that animal which is killed only for food purpose. One Buddhist monk recently observed that ‘killing one bull or cow or buffalo to feed several people is better than killing many chicken to feed the same number of people. Life is the same in a small or the big animal’. But the human life is more precious than all other lives as it is productive (not just reproductive) and creative. Jains live in opposition to the productive and creative ethic of life. Hence that religion did not expand. Even in India it did not grow out of Baniya and Brahmin communities.

 The difference between creed and need are highly philosophical. To keep human life going one may have to take away some other animal or bird’s life but one must reduce violence to minimum to achieve the same goal. Buddha alone at that stage of human history grasped that critical philosophical difference. Mahaveera was more worried about the other world and the non-existent idea of re-incarnation.

 The food culture of India entered into a dangerous phase when the Hindu Brahmins adopted Jain vegetarianism in opposition to Buddhist middle path. They adopted this, most probably during anti-Buddhist campaign of Adi-Shankara, who   systematically had driven the Buddhism out of India.  Bal Gangadhar Tilak wrote in a letter ( Bombay Samachar, Mumbai:10 Dec, 1904)

 “In ancient times, innumerable animals were butchered in sacrifices. Evidence in support of this is found in various poetic compositions such as the Meghaduta. But the credit for the disappearance of this terrible massacre from the Brahminical religion goes to Jainism”.

 The Jains of India never knew what is production and hard physical and mental labour that needs meat foods that alone can provide enough calories. If all human beings live like them the world will disappear within a short span of time. Human beings must acquire enough physical and mental strength to transform the tuff nature into humanly usable goods, commodities. The whole Indian history shows no evidence of the Jains putting their hand to plough, cutting a tree, making a pot. They only did business and made money and the BJP is now under the spell of their money. If the BJP rules a country of Jains only it would realize that humsnity cannot survive with that culture at all.

 The Brahmins, Jains, Baniyas (Marwadi and Sindhi) have adopted vegeterianism and cow protection as their Varnadharma. These two communities have also become hugely rich through business and temple economy. Quite interestingly the ancient Jains, who used to speak Pali, in opposition to the Brahminic Sanskrit, have adopted English as their business language. Jains and Brahmins own some of the best English medium schools in India. These communities never involve in productive physical work, in the name non-killing of insects, in the process but eat the grains and vegetables produced by Dalit/OBCs/Tribals and characterize them as violent people. They want to impose pure vegetarianism even on this people through state institutions, which would harm their productive energies.

 Now the Sangh Parivar, though claims to follow Samrastha, basically follows the Jain-Brahmin Rastha because they have huge amounts of money to contribute to their socio-political activities. Not that they did not control the Congress for quite long time, they did. The whole culture of Gandhian vegetarianism and cow protection came from Jain-Brahminism. Though Nehru resisted it, the subsequent Congress leaders followed it in slightly milder form in the name of secularism. The meat ban in Bombay was initiated by the Congress during some Jain festivals now the BJP goes to its fuller length of banning beef, meat and so on.

 If India as nation adopts Jain culture, it simply starves and dies.


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