Sajan-ManiNayantara Sarah Surendranath on Art

Upendranath TR engages with contemporary Malayali life in a novel way. In From Keralam with Love, which was exhibited at the Kochi- Muziris Biennale 2012-13, he injects nude photographs and rubberstamp impressions of himself on pages of international art magazines. He uses rusted metal frames for the images in order to question the notion of beauty. His work attempts to re-imagine Kochi as an ideal platform for art exchange. His works have a tremendous influence on many art practitioners in Kochi.

Mani is a Kochi based performanc eartist  

Bhaavna Arora on Books

An epitome of freedom and will, Shobha De’s novels left a deep impact in my mind. The expressions were not held by any reins and that made her fiction emerge out of reality. Surviving men, Starry Nights, Spouse are some of the novels written by her in a panache that no else can match. She is truly an inspiration behind my writings.

Arora is the writer of the book, The Deliberat e Sinner

Kunal Wason  on Music 

The music of the Mekaal Hasan Band is a delightful blend of different genres such as jazz, classical and rock with a sufi strain. Founded by the guitarist, Mekaal Hasan, it successfully brings together the musical sensibility of the east and the west and their music is promising. I enjoy listening to tracks like Chal Bulleya and Huns Dhun. The band’s 2009 release Saptak has been one of my favourite albums. It is also known for its mesmerising live performances, which has won several awards for Best Live Act.  

Wason is the vocalist of the Delhi-based band , Nasya


Shiladitya Moulik on Film 

Blue is the Warmest Colour is a 2013 French romantic drama about a lesbian couple. However, sexuality is not the thrust of the story. The film explores the tenderness of relationship. The uniqueness of love is manifested through perfectly balanced camera frames and colour schemes. The film as such has no definite beginning or an end. For commercial cinema, it might seem like everything about this film is cinematically wrong, right from the script to the cinematography. Yet it is through these loopholes that the film manages to communicate its craft to the audience. 

Moulik is the director of the Hindi feature film, Mrs Scooter

Yashasvini Kumar  on food

It is difficult to sum up the meaty joy one experiences at MI Food Centre at Mehar Chand Market, New Delhi. They serve spiced, juicy, and perfectly cooked morsels of meat out of a hole in the wall every evening. The changezi is a completely different experience, the same tender cooked chicken but with a light broth buzzing with delicate flavours. I would recommend having it with khamiri roti. Mutton seekh and chicken tikka (with butter of course) must also be tried. The quality of meat here is far superior to what one finds at high-end restaurants.

Kumar is a Delhi-based food blogger 


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