21Paru Ramesh  on Art

Created by illustrator-designer Stuart Campbell, Nawlz is an interactive webcomic series that combines illustration, animation, sound design and text to engage the reader. It follows Harley Chambers, a young cyber-graffiti artist through the expansive metropolis of Nawlz. It’s amazing watching hand drawn illustration, beautiful in its own right, transform into this digital landscape, complete with movement and sound. Campbell employs a multitude of tools to reel the viewer in — sound effects, the complex dream sequences that can be viewed in three dimension and elaborate illustrations.

Ramesh is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator 

bookSujata Massey  on Books

Qurratulain Hyder’s Fireflies in the Mist takes readers through the creation of Bangladesh along with a young woman whose life is changed forever. I admire Hyder for the way she includes small details of everyday life and emotion, bringing the reader close to her characters. I hope her large body of Urdu novels and stories is brought into English.

Massey is the author of The City of Palaces  

musicMikey McCleary on Music

Behind the outrageous make up and outfits stands one of my biggest 70s musical heroes, David Bowie. His song Ashes to Ashes is a masterclass in harmonic progression. He shifts gear through several keys whilst maintaining an easy flow to the melody. This, like most of his early music, is extremely clever and yet so accessible and catchy. You won’t find genius song writing like this on today’s pop charts.

MCCleary is a Mumbai-based music composer 

flimRam Ramesh Sharma on Film

Ari Folman’s Waltz with Bashir disciplined a whole new perspective in me on the importance of choosing the right medium for telling your story. I haven’t seen anything as visually satisfying as this film — its innovative and effective narrative constantly challenges the visual literacy we are accustomed to. Depicting Folman’s experience as a soldier in the 1982 Lebanon War and his search for lost memories, the film is a memoir weaved in documentary, which is a harrowing piece of investigative journalism and above all a stunning film.

Sharma is a Mumbai-based filmmaker 

Anubhav Sapra on Food

Purani Dilli Restaurant in Zakir Nagar is my favourite place for authentic Mughlai cuisine. I’ve been consistent at this place for over three years and it has not disappointed me even once. For me, their haleem is the best in the city and nahari is another dish which is a must try. Unlike a lot of other places, the butter chicken they serve is cooked without any onion or tomatoes. The chicken achari and biryani are also to be relished and the meat used is very soft. Firni is a good option for dessert and is as delectable as it can get. Unfortunately, there are not many options for vegetarians here.

Sapra is the founder of Delhi Food Walks 


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