artK V Gautam on Art

Nineteenth century legendary painter Raja Ravi Varma has always been a great influence on me. His realistic style of depicting daily lives through paintings was a mirror of the society in those times. A strong use of contrasting colours to highlight the subject in the foreground is another distinctive characteristic of his works. Varma’s imagination transforms image of a mundane daily activity into a brilliant work of art. His classical works like Here Comes Papa, The Maharashtrian Lady and Galaxy of Musicians has majestically used such vibrancy in colours that it has its own appeal to the masses.

Gautam is a Delhi-based cartoonist 

lightAnjali Joseph on Books

Light Years by James Salter attempts to attain an impossible task for a novel: compressing into prose the lives, (lived, dreamt, real, imagined, and concealed) of an entire family and some of their friends. Instead of being told, the story is revealed, in flashes that link to each other by almost synaptic leaps of language. Reading it, you feel you are following the soul’s journey in a world of nearly unbearable beauty.

Joseph is the author of Another Country

imgAnupam Mudgal on Music

Manna Dey has been my inspiration and I have learned a lot from him. His versatile singing has made him a true magician in the field of music. He had the ability to perform different genres of music with equal ease — classical, comedy, folk or patriotic. His all time classics like Ek Chatur Naar, Poocho naa kaise and many more are still cherished by people in India and abroad. All I can say about him is that he was the legendary singer with the voice of God.

Mudgal is a Delhi based Musician

flimSumit Verma on Film

I watched Sans Soleil by Chris Marker two years back but it has left an indelible print on my mind. It is an experimental French film and the structure it follows is something I have not seen been used by anyone else. A woman reads out letters written to her and it is played over footages from different countries. I found the whole narrative very poetic and loved his way of designing the film. Marker makes patterns and then breaks them to never return to the same pattern again, which is so different from most filmmakers who get limited to the same pattern.

Verma is a Mumbai-based filmmaker 

Reeta Skeeter  on Food

Guppy by Ai in Lodhi Colony is my frequent weekend option. For one, the location is offbeat, so there is less chatter all around. The ambience is pleasant with murals and painted columns, origami lamps, teapots and what not. The food is very fresh and the set lunches are filling and totally worth the money spent. You get the main course of choice along with soup, salad, Sushi, green tea and dessert. Apart from that, the asparagus tempura sushi and chili garlic edamame are a must try! They have a vast choice for vegetarians like me.

Skeeter is a Delhi-based food blogger


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