artInder Salim  on Art

Mumbai-based contemporary artist Neha Choksi tries to redefine art by using the body as an alternative exhibition space through sculptures, photography, video and performance. Her unique installations revisit the relation between the artist and architecture by showing how movement is the basis of materiality and not vice-versa. Her art is grounded in literature — for instance, Nietzsche’s writings. Notable among her works are Iceboat, Sky Fold and Minds to Lose. Her works have largely been presented through Project 88.

Salim is a performance artist based in New Delhi 

bookArindam Dey on Books

Novoneel Chakraborty’s Ex… A Twisted Love Story brings a fresh turn to the romantic thriller genre in the Indian market. With a foreboding element of suspense, this twisted love story grips you until the end. The author’s lucid way of writing is easy to grasp. After a string of romantic novels — A Thing Beyond Forever, That Kiss in the Rain and How About a Sin Tonight? — with this book, Chakraborty has succeeded to alter a predilection towards plain love stories.

Dey is the author of  In My Heart 

musicVarun Rajput on Music

Bengaluru-based Thermal and a Quarter is one of the most formidable rock bands in the country. Technically sound, the band’s proficiency lies in jazz-rock. What sets it apart from many other Indian rock bands are its unconventional lyrics. I feel the best part is that the band retains a proclivity for odd time signatures and tempo changes in its music, along with adding a local flavour to its songs. My favourite tracks are Paper Puli and Bend the World.

Rajput is the lead guitarist of Antariksh 

hinaHina Siddiqui on Film

Mark Andrew’s and Brenda Chapman’s Brave is a 2012 animated fantasy film with an unusual twist. What sets it apart from other films of its genre is the strong female character Merida, who constantly defies ageold customs and questions what the society expects of women. Animated films are a subtle way to put forth a social truth in a calm and confident manner, and that makes this film relevant for both young and old viewers. The film went on to win the 2013 Academy Award for the Best Animated Feature Film.

Siddiqui is a Pune-based theatre artist 

Mangal Dalal  on Food

Set in the style of an authentic French crêperie, Suzette Crêperie & Café in Mumbai serves traditional buckwheat crêpes. The food here is not only affordable but also wholesome. The ambience is striking, with a consistency that modern-day cafés lack, something that stands out in the dynamic suburbs of Bandra, where it is located. Two of my favourite crêpes are Foret, a mixed mushroom, cream, cheese and spinach crêpe, and Nord, which has smoked salmon along with fresh cream and cheese. Apart from crêpes, their selection includes mouth-watering salads.

Dalal is a Mumbai-based culinary consultant 


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