artSameer Hazari  on Art

I am in love with the art of Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley (above). They are the pioneers of optical art since the 1960s, which we now refer to as psychedelic art. Their use of mathematics and logic in creating interactive and spacial art is simply phenomenal. It is a marriage between art and science, something we will witness more often as the world proceeds towards a technological future. Their distinct style reflects in Riley’s work, Cataract (1967), where she introduced colours for the first time in her pattern-paintings, insinuating the idea of relative perception of colours.

Hazari is a Delhi based artist 

bookNitin Sawant on Books

I keep revisiting works of Tom Robbins. I just devoured his Jitterbug Perfume, a story about a medieval king who chooses immortality over salvation in a tale that begins centuries ago in Bohemia and ends at nine o’clock at night in Paris. He uses satire to present an intriguingly serious case for choosing eternal life over death and killing our Gods, finally summing it all in the mysterious dying words of Albert Einstein. Robbins is a must read.

Sawant is the author of Lucifer’s Lungi 

musicMukesh Singhmar  on Music

Rabbi Shergill adds a unique flavour to Punjabi rock music, especially at a time when everybody is experimenting with regional languages. Being a trendsetter in regional rock music, he has evolved this form of music in the last 10 years. Karachi Valie is an amazing song that holds my senses every time I listen to it because of its beautiful composition influenced by folk and everyday life. In another song, Bulla ki Jaana, he adds an element of Sufism which renders a sense of piousness to his composition.

Singhmar is the guitarist for Antardhvani

filmKuljeet Singh on Film

Produced by the International Society for Ecology and Culture, The Economics of Happiness is a documentary that takes on the idea of globalisation and related problems at the ground level. It portrays the idea of global economy and the hidden agenda of corporatisation. The movie depicts how globalisation has affected every sphere of our life and has degraded the ancient system of farming. With three different filmmakers shooting the movie, against the backdrop of India, Latin America and Canada, it is a must watch for all.

Singh is Creative Director for Delhi-based Atelier Theatre 

Shuchir Suri on Food

My personal favourite would be Pintxo at Galleria Market, Gurgaon. This is a 20-seater quaint place where you can end up having a chat with the person sitting right next to you. I eat there at least once a week. My standard orders are eggplant caviar, a vegetarian dish which comes as an eggplant cut in two halves scooped out, cooked and stuffed back with goat cheese on top; and pork belly bun, which is slow cooked pork belly inside a home made flour bun. A chef-driven Spanish restaurant it is almost always full of expats, mostly Spanish, and is a must try for Spanish delights!

Suri is the founder of Delhi-based, Food Talk India 


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