artAnshika Varma  on Art

Gustave Dore was a French artist, illustrator and sculptor from the 18th century. I chanced upon a book of his illustrations for Dante’s Divine Comedy and was completely taken in by the immense detailing and imagination involved in the creation of his work. He illustrated various classics and managed to make them his own creations, opening up his own fantasy world to us through the lines of his pen. Although he was also a respected painter and sculptor, it is the illustrations I have always revisited and lost myself in.

Varma is a freelance photographer based in New Delhi 

bookMakarand Sathe  on Books

Sharon Creech’s novel Walk Two Moons is a touching coming-of-age story of a young girl who has lost her mother. It is about her journey of coming to terms with her loss and moving on. The transition in the protagonist’s character as she grows up is finely etched. There are multiple surprises in the plot and, at times, the story feels almost adventurous. A well-crafted storyline and distinct characterisation make it a fascinating read.

Dalal is a children’s books author based in Pune

imgGavin Pacheco on Music

The uniqueness of California-based quartet RX Bandits lies in the way they define their music. For instance, taking off from their moorings in progressive rock and rock-n-roll, they use horn instruments along with the regular drums and guitars to create an unheard-of combination. My favourite track is Only for the night from Mandala, one of the six albums they have released till

Pacheco is a bassist with the New Delhi-based band, Desi roots date. 

GrandVikranth Pawar on Film

Michael Cristofer’s 1998 biographical film Gia was one of the earliest cinematic impacts in my life. It inspired me to make a short film on HIV. Angelina Jolie effortlessly essays the role of one of America’s first supermodels, Gia Carangi. Gia’s rise as a model and subsequent drug abuse has been strongly captured in the film. Her death due to HIV made the industry and society at large wake up to its danger. This multiple awardwinning film has a dexterous synchronisation of sound and graphics.

Gupta is a Delhi-based Filmmaker 

Sudesh Pai on Food

Fifty Five East at Grand Hyatt Mumbai is a fine-dining restaurant. The décor is a blend of muted hues and the upholstery adds to the comfort. The menu is unmatched due to the sheer quality of ingredients used and the variety of the food courses. For starters, I would recommend goat cheese salad having lettuce, tomato, warm goat cheese, honey and walnuts. The other not-to -miss dishes are mezze platter, duck noodle soup and the pizza al pomodoro fresco. For people with a sweet tooth, waffle topped with fresh cream and mixed berry sauce with homemade strawberry ice-cream and hot fudge sundae are delights.

Dean is a food and travel writer 


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