imgKarthik Subramaniam  on Art

Dayanita Singh’s works focus on personal interpretations and fictional stories. Unlike people who use the camera as a tool to create pictures, she takes the pictures as tools to create something engaging. Dreamvilla, especially, had a huge impact on me. Singh is an avid reader and her work is inspired by literature; she wants to create a parallel literature without words, only with pictures. In Dreamvilla, the spine of the book goes through the pictures. Her pictures are thus automatically divided into two-over-two facing pages. One page makes sense in itself, but the two-page spread makes the picture a masterpiece.

Subramaniam is a Chennai-based freelance photographer 

bookMakarand Sathe  on Books

Running into 900 pages, Chilean author Roberto Bolano’s posthumously published novel 2666 consists of five stories amalgamated as one. Moving through four countries, the stories show the expanse of globalisation with a number of painstakingly etched characters who hook you to the narrative. A scintillating piece of social commentary, the novel deals with philosophy, love and problems of everyday life. Bolano weaves multiple subplots and progresses with them to the finale

Sathe is an author based in Pune 

imgCraig Dominic Pinto on Music

Colossal Figures, a five-member band formed in 2009, delivers an exemplary sonic experience, where heavy metal meets modern progressive, garnished with rich ambient soundscapes. Their musical influences range from Meshuggah and Periphery to drone-heavy, post-ambient music and artists like Mars Volta, Porcupine Tree and Hans Zimmer. My favourite tracks are Stone to Water and Korotkov Core. Their debut album, Clockwork Dilation, is expected to release in summer 2014.

Pinto is an independent bassist based in New Delhi 

flimVikranth Pawar on Film

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind by Michel Gondry is a personal favourite. It focusses mostly on human relationships and behaviour. By mixing science fiction with emotions, it gives rise to a new concept: something that doesn’t just talk of mundane lives alone but goes into several interrelated subplots. This is also one of the two movies where Jim Carrey has opted out of the comedy genre. Kate Winslet has done her bit beautifully too. The movie has been written well, not just the dialogues but the entire screenplay.

Pawar is a mumbai-based theatre Director 

Sudesh Pai on Food

On the Edge in Bengaluru deals with two very different cuisines, Mediterranean and South Asian, while giving the diners a view of the green cityscape from an open terrace. It lays great store on freshness of ingredients and strict cooking techniques. The menu ranges from Italian and Moroccan to Thai and Vietnamese. Don’t miss the Mezze platters, Laksa and Malacca Roti Jala with Curry. My favourite, Burmese Khaoswe, has a spicy tangy feel with lemon grass, garlic and chillies. A mixture of curry and noodles, it could ruin your shirtfront, but who’s complaining?

Pai is a food and beverage professional based in Bengaluru 


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