artDevansh Jhaveri  on Art

American photographer Gregory Crewdson has always been an inspiration. Hardly known in Asia, he is nonetheless a pioneer in staged photography. He likes to control his environment and does indoor photography with a fully designed set. Even his subjects are actors. Every artefact, including objects strewn around, is arranged to set the mood. He focusses on issues like isolation and loneliness in suburban America. So much detail is put into each scene that he takes two to three months to finish a shoot, which is slow-paced but perfectly done.

Jhaveri is an Ahmedabad-based photographer 

bookSonja Chandrachud   on books

Shashi Deshpande’s latest novel Shadow Play deals with human relations and coming to terms with the circumstances that surround us. All her novels have intense narratives and tackle issues that can be jarring at first but are all too common in our lives. Her writing is full of obsessions and passions, and she turns words into weapons by using them in dark, satirical expressions. What I like most in her novels is her literary style, with which she makes you question your deep-rooted ideas and notions.

Chandrachud is an author based in Pune 

musicGavin George  on Music

Basecamp, an American trio playing electronic and R&B, was launched in the summer of 2013. They are often compared to others in the genre, but I find them more cohesive and fuller in terms of their musical structure. Their music derives from traditional patterns, but is also unpredictable and unconventional, with a major hip-hop influence and haunting vocals. Their music can seem like a blend of obvious melodies, but it can always have the effect of surprising you with an interesting twist.

George is an independent musician based in New Delhi 

flimSandeep Mohan  on Film

Wes Anderson’s 1996 directorial debut Bottle Rocket is an adaptation of a short film made by him of the same name into a full- length feature. With a simple story and straightforward narration, he manages to keep alive a humorous and jovial undertone throughout the movie. The plot is pretty incidental and the movie focusses mostly on the characters. The movie is a brilliant example of how to portray sense with the help of comedy on a low budget. I would place the movie in the ‘sensible humour’ space.

Mohan is a Mumbai-based independent filmmaker 

Bakshish Dean  on Food

Sakura is a Japanese restaurant that uses fresh ingredients and has a commendable variety on its menu. My personal favourites are the tuna sushi and gyoza. The tuna is fresh and unlike other places, retains its juices. Apart from the food, the service at the restaurant is something that keeps taking me back there. The waiters are all well versed with the menu and always assist customers in placing the order. The ambience is warm and the decor is minimalistic. The seating is pretty comfortable and they have a private dining area as well.

Dean is the CEO and director at Prime Gourmet Pvt Ltd 


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