artRajyashri Goody on Art

British photographer Martin Parr uses vivid, saturated colours to comment on materialism. Instead of clicking flattering pictures of people, he tries to get them in the frame when they are not smiling or posing, creating real, unpretentious images. The idea is to bring out the ugliness of people pursuing money and social status rather than happiness. His photos stand out also because he uses bright colours and accentuates those by always using the flash, even in daylight. His pictures conceal an ironic humour that makes you laugh, even as they force you to think.

Goody is a pune-based photographer 

bookKaartikeya Bajpai  on books

Premchand’s Rangbhoomi is an accurate portrayal of a brutal state, and the oppression of the working classes in rural India by feudal landlords and ruthless capitalists. With a blind beggar as the protagonist, the narrative weaves together diverse themes such as caste hierarchies, industrialisation, feminism and spirituality. Though the novel runs into more than 700 pages, Premchand’s Kissagoi style makes it a smooth read.

Bajpai is the author of before i switched to pens 

musicUjjwal Raaj Sen  on Music

The Cinematic Orchestra is a British Nu-Jazz group that combines traditional jazz tones with unorthodox arrangements and electronic interludes. I enjoy listening to their song The awakening of a woman which is from their album with the same name as the 1929 Dziga Vertov film — Man With a Movie Camera. The song was also used as the soundtrack for the commissioned re-release of the film. A combination of bell textures, orchestral parts and electric pianos make the music suitable for all moods.

SEN is an independent musician based in Pune 

flimAniket Dasgupta  on Film

Larry Clark’s Kids, made in 1995, is one of the most controversial yet remarkable films of all time. Written by the then 19-year-old Harmony Korine, it narrates a day in the life of a few teenagers in New York City during the mid-’90s. Shot in a quasidocumentary observational style, which lends a touch of hyper-realism to it, many people think it is a documentary. The movie doesn’t try to preach and your takeaway could be different from someone else’s. But it will push you to think for sure.

Dasgupta is a bengaluru- based independent filmmaker 

Gaurav Dhingra  on Food

Carnatic Café in New Friends Colony is the go-to place for authentic South Indian cuisine, which is not tempered by north Indian spices. There is much more on offer besides the regular dosa and idli. The flavouring is subtle, with moderate doses of chilly and garam masala, quite unlike preparation of these dishes in northern India. The sambar has a consistency that is neither too watery nor too thick; the dosa is crisp. As for the interiors, the rustic, homely ambience, and the small dining area make it a comfortable place to go over to for a casual dinner. What’s more, a meal for two costs just Rs 400.

Dhingra is the owner of defence bakery in new Delhi 


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