imgPriti Kahar on Art Mumbai-based contemporary artist Atul Dodiya’s work follows a strong line of thought. Even though he has been working for nearly four decades, every work of his is a breath of fresh air. It is a reflection of middle class homes, family life and his own biography. For instance, his latest work The Wall was dedicated to former Indian Cricket Team Captain Rahul Dravid. Over the years, his art has evolved to reflect the changing times and tastes. Yet there is an authenticity to his creations that makes it appealing even to the uninitiated. Kahar is a Mumbai-based artist 

bookRandhir Khare  on books Peter Matthiesen’s The Snow Leopard traces the author’s journey with his friend and field biologist, George Schaller in search of the elusive animal in the Himalayas. It is refreshing that the author’s accounts of the people and their culture is not coloured by his biases. He compares the inner and outer realities of his journey with a finesse that few can, and this is what fascinated me the most . Khare is the author of walking through fire

imgSarang Aigalkar  on Music T.R.A.M is a progressive band that is open to experimenting technically. The track Lingua Franca embodies their work best. The band has a saxophonist who adds a rare flavour to their music and guitarist Tosin Abasi uses both hands to strike the base and pluck other strings at the same time. Although their music is not very popular among Indian listeners, I think it definitely needs to be heard. Their music speaks for itself, and could be a way for Indians to connect with experimental music. Aigalkar is an independent musician based in pune

AmitabhChetan Joshi  on Film Amitabh Bachchan-Shabana Azmi starrer, Main Azaad Hoon is a powerful film that focuses on local governance and its relationship with the media. The 1989 film captures strong ideologies and for me, its storyline makes it stand out amongst most films of its era. The movie borrows from reality instead of drawing up a stereotyped caricature of corruption. Its theme music strengthens the nationalistic spirit embodied in its storyline. The film is complete with power-packed performances from both protagonists.  Joshi is a mumbai-based script writer and author 

Bhawna Khattar  on Food Nestled in a quiet lane in Pune’s Koregaon Park, Tertulia is a diner’s paradise. It offers a mixed spread but head there for their Italian cuisine. I’d recommend their Pepperoni with scarmozzarella and Roasted mushrooms ‘n black olives with mozzarella pizzas. The crusts are paper thin and are loaded with fresh toppings. Their cheese cake brownie simply melts in your mouth. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating. If you plan to go there with a large group, you could also opt for their low lying table that is accompanied by a couch, almost the size of a bed. Khattar is a delhi-based restaurateur 


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