artNidhi Singh  on Art

Alicia Souza is a Bengaluru-based illustrator who has been an inspiration for many aspiring artists. She has done outstanding work in the past from her studio aptly named Happiness, and has given shape to Chumbak, a project which was all about unique and fun products in India. The talented humorist and illustrator has a wacky style that is as expressive as it is relatable. Her illustrations use vivid colours and objects that she sees in her daily life. Alicia’s art is like her visual diary, from which she picks up random objects, and breathes life into them.

Singh is a New Delhi-based digital illustrator 

bookTejendra Sharma on books

Rohit Pagare’s Four Friends is an emotionally appealing story. The lead character Arjun Rahane, gets imprisoned on charges of murdering his wife. In prison, he meets three other inmates on similar charges , and together they embark on an arduous journey. The author emotively portrays how families buckle under pressure and how the wily enjoy the system’s loopholes without being detected.

Sharma is a storywriter in Hindi (Yeh Ghar Tumhara Hai) 


Sujith Shekar on Music

I grew up listening to Michael Jackson and he is the reason why I wanted to become a musician. Popularly known as ‘the king of pop’ and ‘the king of dance’, the most inspiring thing about Jackson is that he was always natural in his own way, and he actually did spread love and peace through his songs, be it Man in the mirror or Heal the world. He had his own trademark dance style which many later tried to emulate.

Shekar is a Mysore-based singer


Joychand Moirangthem on Film

Taiwanese director Joy Chou’s Secret came out in 2007 and was a brilliant, eclectic film. Even though it was his first cinematic venture, Chou managed to portray in his film a combination of everything from youth, school, growing-up, falling in love, melodrama, comedy and thrill. The background score is simply mesmerising, with the piano phrases lingering on beautifully, long after the film is over. It leaves one thinking about how the story oscillates between the past and the present.

Moirangthem is a Manipur -based filmmaker 

BM Sengupta on Food

Moti Mahal Delux at M-Block Greater Kailash 1 Market in Delhi has delicious Indian cuisine to offer. From butter chicken to mutton roganjosh to dal makhni to butter naan, the food on the menu is supremely palatable. The restaurant’s ambience is ideal for a quiet evening with family and friends, and even the occasional business lunch. The restaurant is also easy on the pocket and the service is excellent. I would recommend the pineapple raita for its freshness and taste.

Sen Gupta is the manager of Drums Of Heaven restaurant, New Delhi 


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