artSachin Rai  on Art

I would recommend Steve Winter for his work with camera trap photography with tigers as his main focus. Camera trapping involves the use of infrared heat-sensing devices that trigger the camera when a beast crosses it. Unlike other photographers, Winter tells the compelling tale of a sharp decline in tiger population due to poaching. His pictures protest the destruction of natural habitats to pave the way for human settlements. The wildlife photographer has inspired many young people not only to take up the art but also address crucial causes.

Rai is a Mumbai-based photographer

bookBM Maisnamba on books

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas portrays an inspiring example of devotional love. The depiction of tragic complication on the part of various characters covers a vast canvas of stories relating to historical events. Concerned with themes of justice, vengeance, mercy and forgiveness, the book has a lot of realistic elements in plot-making and chronological arrangement of episodes.

Maisnamba is the author of Kangla Diary 

AR-rahmanImran Latief Pathan on Music

Songs like Roja Jaaneman and Tu Hi Re never fail to refresh me, marking the timelessness of AR Rahman’s music. His experimentative aesthetic is evident in tracks like Zariya and Nenjukulle, setting him apart from his contemporaries. The arrangement and composition of his pieces compliment each other in a manner that the rhythm continues to linger in your head long after you are done with the song. His simplicity and humility has made him a living legend.

Pathan is a Kashmir-based musician 

imAlam Khan on Film

JP Dutta’s 1997 blockbuster Border is an epic adaptation of the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971. Dutta explored the theme of patriotism in a manner that struck a chord with critics and audiences alike. The underlying anti-war message was loud and evident throughout, making the film popular in Pakistan as well. Anu Malik’s composition and Javed Akhtar’s lyrics resulted in some of the most cherished tracks of all times like Sandese Aate Hain. The film has strong yet sentimental scenes, instilling a sense of nationalism. 

Khan is a Delhi-based theatre artist 

Righy Dolma on Food

I think Tibetan Kitchen, near Ardee City, Gurgaon offers the best Tibetan and Indian food. Situated in a peaceful locality, the place offers an indoor as well as outdoor seating option. It has exquisite Ladakhi flavoured dumplings made of wheat. Some of the other typical yet amazing Tibetan delicacies offered here are thukpa, shapta, tingmo and aloo phing (potato in gravy with rice noodles). Sliced chicken in mush vegetables and mutton rogan josh are my favourites along with mutton kebabs and desi chicken fry. Uncomplicated beverages like a fruit beer and lime soda embellish the mood.

Dolma is the owner of Norlakh , Leh 


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