Anamitra Chakladar on Art

One up-and-coming young artist I would highly recommend is Nishat Rehman. A piece of hers I particularly like is the scooter she painted for a project entitled Visual Travelogue at the Delhi College of Art’s annual exhibition. Her palette is quirky and fun and brings the drab monotony of everyday transport to life. She paints in a retro style reminiscent of the 1970s, using bright colours and bold shapes. A nondescript, cheerless two-wheeler under Rehman’s brush, becomes an exuberant, moving celebration of hue and light.

Chakladar is a new Delhi-based photographer 



imgVikas Singh on books

My latest read by an Indian author was Deepika Ahlawat’s Maya’s Revenge which is a mystery set in times when princely states were yet to sign their accession to the state of India. The book provides an eccentric thrill and can be read in many layers to explore various subjects like Buddhist philosophy and feminism. The beautiful yogini assassins give a Charlie’s Angels spin to this very well-imagined story.

Singh is the author of The Big Fix 



musicAnuj Gupta on Music

Recently, I came across a great band called the F-16s. They are a five-piece rock band from Chennai and they have a unique, groovy, alternative vibe. The guitarists like to add a lot of strong distortion to their tone, but the band’s songs aren’t heavy. Their EP entitled Kaleidoscope, which was released in 2013, is really funky and catchy. The songwriting is excellent, and it’s one of the best new albums I’ve heard.

Gupta is a new Delhi-based guitarist 


Joydeep Ghosh  on Film

filmI would recommend Bookies, a German thriller-comedy from director Mark Illsley, about four college students who decide to start a bookie business. However, the business is dicier than they had anticipated. Illsley and screenwriter Michael Bacall are adept at depicting the psyches of the film’s four heroes in what winds up as a harrowing but ultimately heartwarming film. The filmmakers’ ability to engage the audience is evident throughout and Illsley’s direction goes hand-in- hand with the story. 

Ghosh is director of the Bangla film, Maya Bazar 



Alice Helme  on Food

I’ve recently been to Delhi-based Hungry Monkey. With its New York warehouse feel, it’s hard not to notice the subtle attention to detail – look out for the vintage one-rupee inlay at the bar. The food is refreshingly simple. The produce, supplied by Farm Love, is of a standard you don’t often see outside five stars. They brand the menu as Californian, but really it’s just straight-forward food done well. They serve a great burger, truffle mac and cheese and salmon steak, all of which I’d recommend. They give the impression that they aren’t trying too hard but are getting it right consistently.

Helme is a chef at Damson Food, New Delhi 



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