artGigi Scaria  on Art

Abir Karmakar is a painter based in Vadodara. His approach to his work is very interesting. His highly textured style is time-consuming and the quality of the colors is spectacular. My favorite of his works are set in the comfortable interiors of homes, but the figures inside these rooms, often nudes in strange positions are uncomfortable to look at. Karmakar’s painterly treatment of these subjects is captivating, and I would suggest seeing his paintings in person if you can, because photographs don’t do justice to the quality of his work.

Scaria is a Kerala-based painter, sculptor and photographer


imgKala Krishnan Ramesh on books

We aren’t exposed to much Nepali writing in India but Indra Bahadur Rai’s Gorkhas Imagined presents a kind of imagination we rarely see. It is about everyday life, but the lyrical, even mythic quality of the language makes it seem almost like a folk tale and lends timelessness to the stories. Rai has a way of evoking certain thoughts that are usually buried in the reader’s imagination.

Ramesh is a Bengaluru-based poet 


musiccKaitlyn Ezell on Music

Big Ups’ new LP, Eighteen Hours of Static, is an aggressive punk record from Brooklyn. The post-hardcore driven guitars and tight drumming style egg on a chaotic and angst-ridden vocalist. They bring to mind alternative icons of the nineties but Big Ups has a way of being unpredictable. The songs will lay low into grooves of stupor and comfort, then wildly slam you with self-clenching force.

Ezell is the vocalist of Lumber Lung 

[/box]Asmit Pathare  on Film

filmDenis Villeneuve’s Incendies has made a lasting impact on me. It follows a twin brother and sister in search of their dead mother’s past, who discover her letters urging them to find their father. The setting changes suddenly from the secure confines of firstworld Canada to a civil-war-torn Middle Eastern country. The truths that the twins unearth are not only thrilling but disturbing. The film forces us to question beliefs imposed on us — those of religion and love — and the way these beliefs are caged in our subconscious, beliefs that can make us kill to right what is wrong.

Pathare is a screenwriter and director 


Sagar Kumar  on Food

On my last trip to Mistral Grill, located on the third floor of Vasant Kunj’s Ambience Mall, I tried their quinoa salad, which turned out to be one of the best I have ever had. They serve a wide variety of regional foods, ranging from North Indian to Mediterranean. I am not usually impressed with the healthy options at most restaurants, but in this case I was pleasantly surprised. Quinoa is becoming a great gluten-free, high-protein option for diners today, and Mistral’s take on the wholesome staple was refreshing. I would recommend it to all salad lovers and health-conscious foodies.

Kumar is the founder of Nutritious Nation, New Delhi



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