Madhuri Bhaduri on Art

French impressionist Claude Monet’s series of oil paintings, Water Lilies is, in my opinion, rather remarkable. Done in different lighting, what makes these paintings so striking is the contrasting colours of blue, green and yellow that stand out in each painting. In fact, when I started working as an artist in 1986, I was inspired by the works of a number of impressionist painters, but Water Lilies continued to be a major influence. Of the series, I feel the Nymphéas Bleus (Blue Water Lilies) painting is the most stirring.

Bhaduri is an artist based in Pune


Judy Balan on Books

Marian Keyes is probably the only ‘chick lit’ writer who is just as comfortable writing about depression (the serious kind), addiction, cancer and even abuse as she is with the whole single-girl-who-can’t-find-love themes and often in one book. Last Chance Saloon is one of my favourites — an addictive story about three best friends, their lives, heartbreaks (all kinds) and turnarounds.

Balan is a Chennai-based author




Veejay Sai on Music

Rooted deep in his tradition with a global vision for his music, Ustad Rashid Khan can evoke high emotion. Extract the essence of the rasa theory, mix it with elevated aesthetics and distill it into a fine work of exotic filigree, his music and voice soar beyond all that. Having successfully performed in several genres, Rashid’s voice has converted many an uninitiated listener into a classical music lover. This power of attraction can only be achieved when one has totally surrendered to his art.

Sai is a writer, editor and a culture critic


Gayatri Chatterjee on Film

A sociology teacher, María Novaro began making films in order to teach. Her films are about the self discovery of the protagonist. In Danzón (1991), a single mother and a telephone operator, Julia, goes to a club to dance the Danzón. When her regular partner Carmelo does not come she goes to Veracruz, a southern port town, looking for him. There she gets to know some transvestites and prostitutes, and learns about the indigenous tribes living in poverty. Enriched by the lives of these strangers, she returns to find Carmelo has returned. She continues to dance.

Chatterjee is a film sc holar based in Pune


Kalyan Karmakar on food

Ling’s Pavillion, located at Colaba in Mumbai, is one of my personal favourites. In addition to the flavours of each impeccably prepared dish, what keeps me going back each time is the personal attention the owners themselves pay to every customer. A dish that I especially like is the roast duck with plum and chilli sauce, which looked deceptively dry but was incredibly juicy. For Chinese cuisine enthusiasts who want to try authentic Cantonese food that’s different from any other, I definitely vouch for giving Ling’s Pavillion a try. I can safely say that Ling’s has spoilt me for all Chinese restaurants at India.

Karmakar is a Mumbai-based food critic and blogger



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