Karan Vohra on Art

Indian painter Tyeb Mehta’s work Untitled is of particular interest to me. Popularly known as Santiniketan Triptych, certain elements, such as androgyny, ambiguity and the act of sacrifice amidst celebration, intrigue and perplex the viewer. In fact, the lucid and vibrant colours hold together the crisis of existence. German-Swiss painter Paul Klee may as well have been speaking about Mehta when he said “Art does not reproduce the visible; rather it makes visible.” The painting is currently housed in the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.

Vohra is a Delhi-based artist


Ashley Tellis on Books

Pankaj Butalia’s Dark Room explores an area kept viciously under wraps in our hypocritical culture: child sexuality. It builds, with great sensitivity, an account of the fabric of our psychic biographies and our encounter with the sexual, an experience both exhilarating and destabilising. Though haunted by the paranoia around child sexual abuse, the narratives manage to give the reader scope for reflection.

Tellis is a professor of English in a Haryana university




Roshan Roy on Music

The very fact that RaagLeela have established themselves as a band and performed on various platforms in India, is worthy of applause. They got selected for Coke Studio@MTV and for the Celeste Music Festival ‘Uttarakhand Revival’. Semi-professional bands (those which haven’t released an album yet), are really picking pace in our country. A band’s members should work in harmony with each other. A song selection should be good for the band and not the individual player. RaagLeela embody that.

Roy is the bassist for The Urban EarlyMen


Ajit Duara on Film

Yasujirō Ozu’s Late Spring, 1949, is one of the most powerful films I have seen. Like most of the Japanese legend’s films, this deals with the best of human attachment and still has the power to move the audience to tears. Ozu tells the story of a father and daughter in the most simple way. The film is shot with just one lens, which is almost always placed on the ground — giving a wonderful insight into the traditional Japanese household. The film’s impact and longevity rests on this technique and on its focus on emotions of pain, joy, grief and affection.

Duara is a film critic based in pune


Alok Chandra on Food

The food served at Olive Beach, Bengaluru, is famously delectable and the service prompt. It’s patrons flock to the restaurant for fine-dining Mediterranean and European cuisine. Its seafood and its dessert menus are worth recommending. However, I think what makes this restaurant so outstanding is an ambience that truly makes an impression. Right from entering the big, blue gates, to taking in the white-washed walls and beach like setting, this diner has successfully managed to transform itself from an old villa in the city to a luxurious Mediterranean experience worth repeating.

Chandra is a Bengaluru-based sommelier



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