Gulam Mohammed Sheikh on Art

Few paintings have engagingly endured in my imagination as Bhupen Khakhar’s The Goldsmith. The image of a man cast in the likeness of his late companion Ranchhod bending in contemplation over an earthen jar is set in front of a potter shaping a vessel on his wheel around a pile of pots in disarray. A little further, another man sits blowing his blow-pipe as if melting gold in a crucible. A lone figure dazzles in an uncanny glow among figures of scattered men. This miraculous moment, envisioned in the saturated radiance of crimson and deep orange, eventually descends on the loner sitting on the edge.

Sheikh is an artist and writer based in Vadodara


Parvati Sharma on Books

One book which I always recommend to anyone is Agaat by the South African writer Marlene Van Niekerk. Being a multi-layered plot, the book is commendable for its allegorical telling of the apartheid in South Africa. The novel is very immersive and is brilliantly told in many voices. The skilful narration by Niekerk establishes the writer’s ambitious and awe-inspiring creativity.

Sharma is a fiction and travel writer




Shabnam Surita on Music

Papon is someone whom I really appreciate for his unconventional and original voice. His versatility is what makes him truly extraordinary. Something striking about his compositions is that they are rooted in his strong folk background, which he blends with urban music. He is also a multi-faceted instrumentalist, who can play the harmonium, the guitar and even the tabla.

Surita is a singer and cultural activist


Vivek Khatkar on  Film

Anurag Kashyap’s Black Friday inspires me majorly as a film producer. The manner in which the Hindu-Muslim rift has been portrayed is tense and eyeopening. Another striking factor which takes the movie to another level is the sound design, which gives a person goosebumps. The background score is haunting and constantly reminds one of the gruesome visuals. The movie is a definite must watch for every Indian and vividly describes the wreckage politics can cause.

Khatkar is a Film Producer


Nikhil Singh on Food

It is a pleasure visiting Amour, a restaurant-cum-bar in Delhi’s HauzKhasVillage, for its artsy ambience and culinary offerings. They serve authentic Mediterranean and continental food, which is exceptionally special when compared to the fare at other such eateries in the city. Although octopus is a rarity at Delhi restaurants, the grilled shrimp and octopus served at Amour is a relish. The patio rooftop restaurant, serenely overlooking the HauzKhasLake also provides for butler service on request. Tiramisu lovers should gorge on The Great Tiramisu here for its uniquely delectable taste.

Singh is the owner of Azure Ca fé and kitchen, delhi



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