artSreehari KG on Art

Maynard Owen Williams produced more than 2,250 pages of photographs. He wrote and photographed around 100 stories for National Geographic. A commendable travel photographer, his work has been an incredible inspiration to me. Williams’ compositions featured very interesting frames and narratives, which dealt with photography in remote areas in Russia, India, the Arctic and India. His photograph, Sunlight shines on men and boys in a warehouse of Herat, has been clicked in black and white, and is unique despite its simple symphony of monochrome.

Sreehari teaches Media Studies at Christ University, Bengaluru 


Deepa Agarwal on Books

Manish Mahajan’s The Disappearance of Tejas Sharma is one of the few refreshing reads for horror buffs. An anthology of 12 ghost stories from different cities of India, the book delves into the macabre in a way associated with writers like Edgar Allen Poe and Roald Dahl. Its unexpected endings leave with either a tongue-in-cheek moment or a suspense that captivates the reader’s mind.

Agarwal is an author of children’s fiction 


musicKartik Pillai on Music 

One band I’d love to promote and do whenever I can is the Karam Kandi Project. Founded by Manish Kestwal and Tushar Mohan, previously part of the Delhi-based band Nigambodh, Karam Kandi Project has this neo-Indian classical/progressive/ jazz/electronic sound; they basically go wherever they want to but always sound like themselves. For me, the best part is that they are completely impromptu. Somehow they remain relatively unknown.

Pillai plays guitar for Peter Cat recording company 

[/box]AkiraShilpi Marwaha on Film

I have watched Akira Kurosawa’s Ikiru lots of times and it never fails to stun me, despite being a simple story of the hardships of a middle-aged man. The movie has different dimensions to look out for and always projects a new perception to every individual viewer. It is my personal favourite for its narration of how altruism leads to happiness in the lives of your loved ones. It has been a lesson in imparting the values of looking beyond oneself and thus possesses universal appeal. The film is also available in English translations. 

Marwaha is a film actor and theatre activist 


Nira Singh on Food

New York City, the food capital of the world, is famously known for the variety of cuisines on offer for residents and tourists alike. However, the experience I had at the Breslin Bar and Dining Room still remains etched in my memory as one of my finest I have ever had. Perfectly hand crafted by chef April Bloomfield, the char-grilled lamb burger was sumptuous in its offering, with not much use of spice. Also, the blood sausage that they served was perfectly executed with super fresh ingredients. It was a sophisticated, high-end restaurant, which was nevertheless relaxing.

Singh is the owner of Chez Nini in Delhi 



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