artAnannya Mehtta on Art

Amar Kanwar’s installation work The Sovereign Forest is part-documentary, part-travelogue and a powerful essay on the social and environmental impact of mining on local communities in Odisha. It pushes the boundaries, reincarnating itself as a library, a memorial, a public trial and a proposition for a space that engages with political issues as well as art. Kanwar’s engagement with questions of violence and nonviolence has been a constant leitmotif in his work. For me, the work occupies and creates a space where poetry, memory and evidence are equally important in understanding one’s idea of oneself and the other.

Mehtta is a curator with the Devi Art Foundation in Gurgaon 


Sheema Mookherjee on Books

Ten Thousand Miles Without a Cloud by Sun Shuyun is an amazing travelogue in which the author retraces seventhcentury Chinese monk Xuanzang’s journey from Xi’an to India, rediscovering the significance of Buddhism and exploring both the cultural links and several contrasts that China and India share. It’s well-researched and yet not didactic, and makes for an engrossing read.

Mookherjee is the publishe r of lonely planet india


musicTushar Prashar  on Music 

I recently discovered the music of trumpeter Roy Hargrove. His style of music is a unique blend of Latin jazz, post-bop, hard bop and soul. Sara Tavares is another artiste I love. Her music makes for a happy, soothing soundtrack to listen to while I do my daily chores. Finally, Gary Clarke Jr is an artiste whose voice I fell in love with. He handed me his album when we met at the Jakarta Blues Festival, and I haven’t stopped listening to it since.

Kharbangar is the vocalist of shillong-based band, soulmate


flimAnsh Ranvir Vohra on film

Old Joy by Kelly Reichardt follows two old friends as they take a brief camping trip in the mountains of Oregon. Through one exquisitely-framed image after another, the film examines the faltering friendship of two 30-somethings, father-to-be Mark and pothead Kurt, as they make their way to a natural hot spring. Reichardt’s deep understanding of sorrow and her depth of feeling, combined with Peter Sillen’s intricate cinematography, make this a permanent favourite.

Issar is a filmm aker and visual artist based in new delhi


Vandana Verma on food

Café Delhi Heights is one of the coolest new restaurants that I have visited recently. Their Eggs Benedict is amazing; the Singapore laksa and the Burmese Khow suey are great; and the Indian lal maas is also interesting. However, the showstopper is the Juicy Lucy Lamb Burger, probably the best I’ve had in India. The drinks selection is also great: the mojito and lemonade are made perfectly and interestingly served in a nice bottle. For dessert, leave some space for the superbly crafted blueberry cheesecake and the Rocky Road homemade ice cream — they are really to die for!

kalbag is a chef and owner of mini wok and eat in pune



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