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BREATHLESS Work by American photographer James Nachtwey


On June 4 and 5 an eco-art festival is being organised at the American Centre in New Delhi, which I would recommend for all young adults. I am a very big fan of the New York Times photoblogs which feature photographers from all over the world reflecting on diverse social and cultural issues. James Nachtwey — an American photojournalist and war photographer — is someone who has always inspired me and continues to do so. Working with the non-profit organisation, Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED), James produced an online presentation and essay on the XDR-TB (extremely drug-resistant tuberculoisis) project which was very moving

Fabian is a Delhi-based photographer


“Toibin’s lucid prose
has created an
wonder of a book”


I was recently mesmerised by Colm Toibin’s The Story of the Night. With his lucid prose, Toibin has merged the genres of love story, spy thriller and gay novel into an unputdownable wonder, set in the luscious Argentine capital of Buenos Aires. The life of its young protagonist, innocuously entering the murky politics of the nation at the end of the Falklands War, follows an astounding narrative arc — proof yet again of Toibin’s remarkable control over his craft.

Kulkarni is the Assistant Editor, Mumbai Mirror.



Recently I went to this restaurant called Medici in Indiranagar, Bengaluru. It is a French-Italian restaurant and serves some of the yummiest Italian food. The ambience of this restaurant is good. Another place that I recently happened to visit is Rakabdar, also in Bengaluru. Rakabdar is a fine-dining restaurant that fans of Awadhi and Lakhnavi food would like. I also find the decor of this restaurant — using antique tiles and the lotus motif quite unique.

Joseph is a hospitality entrepreneur based in Bengaluru


classic Princess Mononoke


I’m watching — for the umpteenth time — a documentary called Shabad Nirantar or Word Within the Word by Rajula Shah. On the surface, it’s a simple film on the Bhakti traditions of the Malwa region and the mystic poetry of Kabir, but its 74 minutes are so richly layered that I keep discovering something new each time I watch it. The film gently but insistently urges the viewer to recognise the deep wisdom of a people who are routinely written off as “uneducated”. It’s a damning critique of organised religion without saying a word. It forces us to acknowledge an India that we are rushing to forget. It is a film that is subtle, complex and poetic in its construction. I’m also re-watching Princess Mononoke, an animation film by Hayao Miyazaki, that’s both charming and very sad — the film is an indictment of our exploitative relationship with nature.

Joshi is a Delhi-based documentary filmmaker and has made the film Irom Sharmila


FROZEN POETRY Icelandic post-rock band SIGUR ROS


Even though the music I play is alternative rock, I like all kinds of music. Recently I have been listening to a progressive metal band called Animals as Leaders. It is a band based in Washington DC and was formed by eightstring guitarist Tosin Abasi. (Abasi used to play the guitar for Out of the Ashes). Another band I like is Sigur Rós — an Icelandic postrock band. Sigur Rós has a lot of classical melodic elements. I like that they sing in their own language and I don’t have to know it to enjoy their music. They produce some absolutely wicked sounds and their singer’s appeal lies in his falsetto voice. Another artist that I love listening to and playing is Glen Hansard. Hansard has written and sung the soundtracks for the musical Once, which I also recommend for everyone to watch.

Kale is the Delhi-based guitarist for the band Cyanide


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