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Compiled by Naina Manjrekar

Head hunt An artwork by Nilesh Kumawat
Head hunt An artwork by Nilesh Kumawat

Prathap Modi on art
An upcoming artist whose work I find experimental both in terms of form and content is Nilesh Kumawat. Trained in fine arts, he engages with different kinds of media, not restricting himself to traditional techniques. He uses transparent resins, glosses and multiple layers of glass to create a sense of depth. Kumawat’s artworks often seem like fantastic apparitions suspended in time. His larger-than-life sculptures make deeply philosophical statements and look at the alienation one experiences because of societal structures.

Modi Is A Vadodara-Based Artist


Manju Kapur on books
A book that impressed me was The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee, who has won this year’s Pulitzer for the same book. He combines medical insight with knowledge of the social, political and economic aspects of treating this illness. Mukherjee brilliantly demystifies cancer in a book so engaging that once begun, it is unputdownable.

‘It looks into the social, political and economic aspects of treating cancer’

Kapur Is The Author Of Difficult Daughters


Folk tale Icelandic band Sigur RósRonid Chingangbam on music
Lately, I have been hooked to an Icelandic band Sigur Rós. Their music haunts me. What impressed me most is that they toured worldwide, playing Icelandic folk music and singing in their mother tongue. Later, they organised a series of free concerts for the people of Iceland just to return what they had learnt there: music.

Folk tale Icelandic band Sigur Rós

Chingangbam is a musician with the delhi-based Band imphal talkies


The long run A still from Never let me go
The long run A still from Never let me go

Nelofer Pazira on film 
Never Let Me Go is a film based on Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel of the same name. The story revolves around three children who are being raised in a peculiar way for their organs to be extracted later. The film shows the fear of death in its universal aspect, while focussing on three individual lives. It also makes a mockery of scientific experiments that serve one community at the expense of the other and one where the disadvantaged are used as objects. It shows the irony of a people who are raised to donate their organs and those who would like to prolong their lives.

Pazira Is A Filmmaker Based In Canada


Mita Kapur on food 
It’s difficult to decide my favourite eatery. My mind is jumping between idlis at Murugan Idli and Ponnusamy’s crab in Chennai and Wasabi and Smoke House Grill in Delhi. The contemporary European food in Smoke House has smoked flavours. As starters, the camembert and crushed pink peppercorn soufflé is appetising. John Dory and smoked capsicum on creamed leeks and asparagus, with a smoked melon mojito, soothes your taste buds. Valrhona chocolate and kahlua mousse for dessert is simply heavenly.

Kapur is the author of the Food memoir, the f-word


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