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Compiled by Naina Manjrekar

Horse power: An artwork by Devi Prasad
Horse power: An artwork by Devi Prasad

Kewal Arora on Art
I would highly recommend the work of Kerala-based visual artist, scenographer and performing art scholar Deepan Sivaraman. Based on my impression of his productions, Spinal Cord (an adaptation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Chronicle of a Death Foretold) and Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt, I felt Deepan’s work is best understood as a theatrical experience that is at once dense and incisive. It offers a richly evocative interweaving of performative imagery, strong ensemble work by the actors and a sharp textual commentary.

Arora is a Delhi-based theatre artist


Usha Ramanathan on Books 
Edwin Black’IBM and the Holocaust is a well-researched book exposing the relationship between the corporate giant and the Third Reich. It explores how technology produced by IBM was used to catalogue and organise the genocide of Jews in Nazi Germany. The book has scary resonance with our times when technology is being increasingly used divorced from any social responsibility

‘The book exposes the relationship between the corporate giant and the Third Reich’

Ramanathan is a Delhi-based law researcher and author


Prized project Raghu Dixit
Prized project Raghu Dixit

Vimlendu Jha on Music
To me, the music is as important as the words. A band that has always impressed me in that respect is Raghu Dixit Project. Their music, while being upbeat and contemporary, is rooted in a specific culture and therein lies their USP. The spirit of experiment in their music is evident in the use of instruments like the electric guitar and drums with a violin, to accompany Kannada folk songs.

JHA is a cultural activist and musician in Delhi



Dead right A still from Blood Simple
Dead right A still from Blood Simple

Sukriti Tyagi on Film 
In the summer of 1982, Joel and Ethan Coen made a film trailer and showed it to all the rich Jews in their locality. Blood Simple, best known for an unnaturally long corpse disposal sequence, ended up being produced by almost 70 Jews and set the beginning of their filmmaking career. The film contains elements that would keep recurring in their later work; a genre both noir and gothic in nature, a god’s eye view of the characters, plot twists, introductory voiceovers, and a distinct style of cinematography. Watch it for the love of cinema.

Tyagi is a Mumbai-based Ad-filmmaker


Vinod Arora on food 
Moets has always been on the top of my list as far as eating out in the Capital is concerned. This Defence Colony-based restaurant offers various cuisines, including Indian and Thai. Wines from the in-house bar complement the delicious preparations of meat. The ambience is pleasant and I have thoroughly enjoyed the eating out experience. Personally, I have tried and enjoyed almost everything on the menu! Their outlet at Gurgaon Sector 15, which also serves Italian cuisine, is another place to look out for.

Arora is the owner of Gourmet Ices, Delhi


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