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Compiled By Nabilah Ibrahim And Sarah Schmitt

Kitsch and Kin Blossom by Chirs Ofili

Kanchan Chander On Art

One Indian artist I admire greatly is Amrita Sher-Gil. I love her approach towards art and life in general. Mexican artist Frida Kahlo has been a great inspiration for many years now. I have even made a series of mixed media called ‘Frida and Me’. Another great inspiration is Chris Ofili who is a British artist. What is particularly delightful is the way he uses kitsch in his works. I really admire Akbar Padamsee’s new drawings. He has a very good command over the medium. Zarina Hashmi, an abstract artist, is good too. I am particularly fond of her line etchings.

Chander is an artist based in Delhi


'The book is lyrical and moving. It is political yet personal' Sidharth Chowdhary
‘The book is lyrical and moving. It is political yet personal’ Sidharth Chowdhary

Siddharth Chowdhury On Books

I wanted to become a writer at the age of 15 after reading Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. It’s a lyrical and moving work, political yet personal. His autobiographyTimebends should be read by all young writers who want to write political fiction. Collected Stories and Other Writings of John Cheeverand A Sportsman’s Sketches by Ivan Turgenev are works, which in moments of crisis — literary or otherwise — immediately calm me down. Amitava Kumar’Bombay, London, New York and Pankaj Mishra’s Butter Chicken in Ludhiana are great Indian nonfiction classics.

Chowdhury is the author of  Patna Roughcut and Day Scholar


Ridding high A Still from Bicle Thieves
Ridding high A Still from Bicycle Thieves

Sona Jain On Film

Abbas Kiarostami’s Certified Copy with Juliette Binoche and William Shimell portrays a complicated relationship between a man and a woman in a simple but beautiful way.  Live Flesh by Pedro Almodóvar is a great film. Its characters are caricatures and the settings are colourful, unique and lyrical. I also recommend Vittorio De Sica’s Bicycle Thieves, about an impoverished family during World War II, and the unforgettable classic Fanny and Alexander by Ingmar Bergman. Another must-watch is Michael Winterbottom’s Welcome to Sarajevo, about the Bosnian war covered by a journalist. It has been beautifully shot and enacted.

Jain is a filmmaker based in Mumbai


Till it gets loud Paul Masvidal of cynic
Till it gets loud Paul Masvidal of cynic

Daniel Kenneth Rego On Music

I admire the American band Cynic. Led by guitarist/vocalist Paul Masvidal and drummer Sean Reinert, it practically wrote a significant chapter in the history of metal in the 1990s. Swedish band Meshuggah created a rhythmically intricate style of metal that put the percussive qualities of the music to the fore, while incorporating the exotic harmonic paradigms of jazz-fusion. Norwegian composer Ihsahnis experimental. His lyrics are drawn heavily from Nietzsche’s philosophy.

Rego is a guitarist for the band Demonic Resurrection


Sid Khullar On Food

My all-time favourite restaurant is Gung The Palace in Green Park, Delhi. What pleases you most about the place is that besides good food they have an incomparable service and ambience. Abbey Road in Gurgaon is also one of the preferred destinations as it is one of the few cafes that serve great coffee and proper food along with some interesting alcohol. Singh Sahib in Delhi’s Intercontinental Eros has mouth-watering Punjabi food. Their service is commendable too. Chor Bizarre is an excellent destination for Kashmiri food. It has a nice buffet at both Noida and Hotel Broadway in Delhi.

Khullar is a food critic for the blog


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