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Compiled By Sharanya Deepak


Sensual ceramics 101 Slips Walking by trupti Patel

Trupti Patel’s 101 Sips Walking is a unique installation. She explores the aesthetics of sculpture through ceramics and has a unique style of using handmade shapes. The subtly sensuous and fluent variety of forms, techniques and textures reflect her unusual love for nature and art. She rambles through a circle of visually intensive and delightfully thoughtful ideas that give her work an edge. Her art evokes intellectual and sensual pleasure, which sets her apart from her contemporaries. Though she has specialised in sculpture, Patel is also a printmaker and an environmentalist.

Mistry is a Vadodara-based artist


‘The auther qrawn on the fascinating story of global gem trade’Amin Jaffer

This Summer, I read Kris Lane‘s Colour of Paradise: The Emerald in the Age of Gunpowder Empires. It is a riveting read for anyone interested in gems and history. From the mining of emeralds in 16th and 17th century Spanish America to their consumption and use by Safavid Iran and Mughal India, the author traces the fascinating and improbable story of the global gem trade in the modern world. The text draws on extensive archival and field research that sheds new light on the world of jewels and their collectors in the pre-industrial era. It is an absolutely enlightening read.

Jaffer is a New York-based writer


Tought love A Still from Love is Colder Than Death

Recently, I watched a German film titled Love is Colder Than Death directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. It is a story of a small-time pimp Franz, who is torn between his mistress Joanna and Bruno — a mafia syndicate gangster who is trying to recruit him. The film traces the friendships and heartbreaks that occur in the life of the three protagonists. It reflects on the intense complexity of human relationships and at the end of the film, no one is where they are supposed to be. Beautifully shot with vivid dramatic and violent elements, the film leaves an impact on the body and the mind.

Prakash is a filmmaker from Delhi based in Poland


Sex on fire American rock band kings of leon

Two weeks back, my guitar player introduced me to The Reign of Kindo, a band from New York. They have lots of piano, and their mix and vocals are awesome. Another brilliant American band is Mutemath, who have a different sound and crazy live performances. Kings of Leon are also a great group. Their 2008 album Only by the Night is definitely worth checking out. I also like Lilly Allen because she says whatever she wants to. She might come across as an uptight British snob but who cares! The first band that made me want to be a rocker was Pearl Jam. I have listened to them so much that I can play their songs in my head if I want to. Also, everyone must check out Shaa’ir and Func.

Coutto is the Mumbai-based vocalist for Tough on Tobacco


Indigo Deli in Mumbai is a great place situated in the beautiful Pheroze building that has a pleasant ambience. I recommend their grilled barbecue burger and the mouth-watering desserts. The Deli also has a customary display of a selection of meats and cheese. Another must visit for everyone is Lemon Grass in Bandra for South-East Asian cuisine. Cafe Basilico in Colaba has appetising continental and Italian food. It is a snug place with a comforting air about it and is priced reasonably. For the sweet tooth, every Mumbaikar swears by Natural Ice Creams, which has been around since 1984.

Bindal is the Mumbai-based owner of On Toes



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