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Compiled By Nabilah Ibrahim

An Indian artist I deeply admire is Sudhir Patwardhan. Personally, I feel his works on canvases portray an interesting picture of urban development as well as Mumbai’s daily life. The colours he uses in his oil paintings and the way he deals with human forms wandering in the cityscape make him a fascinating artist to follow. I also like Ratheesh T. He mixes classical and modern influences in his works and that precisely makes his technique really special. The way he deals with nature in his subjects, especially his representations of the rich Kerala-like vegetation in his oils paintings, is worthy of appreciation.

Nai is an artist based in Mumbai

I recently read Kabul Disco by French illustrator Nicolas Wild. This graphic novel is about the author’s new life in Afghanistan as a worker for a development agency. He brilliantly portrays his discovery of the Afghan culture. The book is clever, informative and deconstructionist. I found Cold Skin by Catalan author Albert Sánchez Piñol very interesting. The story is about a European weather official taking up a job in an island of the Antarctic. As time passes by, he discovers strange things happening there. Cold Skin is stylish, honest and a brutal meal of fantasy and morality play stood on its head.

The book is Stylish and a brutal meal of fantasy and morality play

Chakravarti is a Goa-based writer

A series that still works perfectly for me is the Pink Panther films by Blake Edwards. This brilliant series of comedy films has British actor Peter Sellers as the French detective Inspector Jacques Clouseau. Never has anyone been able to replicate the uniquely moronic humour, which is strangely intelligent and incisive. Peter Sellers is my all-time favourite actor. He was mostly politically incorrect and gave intensely humorous comic contributions to the Pink Panther series. Sellers also had a fantastic ability to imitate the French accent.

French connection a still from the pink panther

Dang is the Delhi-based managing director of Wilderness  Films India

When I lived in Hyderabad, I would go to Kamat Hotel quite frequently with my family on special occasions. It is located right next to the famous Birla Mandir. Their stuffed kulchas and malai koftas are simply delicious. They make it rich and creamy with ingredients that are fresh and appropriately seasoned with herbs. I still remember their taste fondly. My all-time favourite Indian dish is amma mudda (meaning divine morsel in Telugu). It is rice and dal mixed with some ghee and shaped like a laddu.

Mix’ n’ Match german DJ Boris Brejcha

Singari is the Texas-based creator of the Indian food blog ‘Mahanandi’


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