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Compiled by Shikha Samant and Bhanu Priya Vyas

Depth perception From the Cave by Aakshat Sinha
Depth perception: From the Cave by Aakshat Sinha

Benoy K Behl On Art
Aakshat Sinha is an upcoming painter whose work I admire. He understands the role of art and expresses it beautifully through his abstract works. His painting From the Cave is breathtaking. It is a part of the series Fragmented Landscape. It is a monochromic work in green, with tonal variations and depth. The green symbolises hills and the circular lines depict human beings looking down the hill. People are shown as almost god-like figures; a fairly unusual concept. It is a very evocative painting that speaks differently to different people. Something people can relate to in their life.

Behl is a Delhi-based Photographer



Ashwani Lohani On Books
I want to talk about Brazilian author and businessman Ricardo Semler’s autobiography Maverick! It’s the story of how he turned his family business into an empire, by adopting a different style of work as opposed to conventional processes. His success stems from his radically different approach in which rank among colleagues does not matter much and everyone is treated like an adult.

Lohani has authored Winning At Work Against All Odds


Collecting trophies Amit Trivedi
Collecting trophies: Amit Trivedi

Karan Patel On Music
Among the emerging new talents in the country, Amit Trivedi is definitely the person I would want to recommend. A National Award winner, this lyricist and singer gives a modern touch to his songs. His music for the movie Udaan is my favourite. The way he plays with sound, improvising music every time he comes up with a new song, is definitely commendable.

Patel is the lead guitarist of the Ahmedabad-based band Meghdhanush



A prayer for peace A still from Naata
A prayer for peace: A still from Naata

Jagannathan Krishnan On Film
Naata by Anjali Monteiro and KP Jayasankar is a real gem. Set in Dharavi, against the Hindu-Muslim riots, the documentary tells many stories, all in harmony with each other. Stories about harmony, friendship, community, family and the city. It is also the story of the filmmakers themselves. All these strands are woven seamlessly, making for a life-affirming film. It focusses on what is beautiful and worth sharing in us. It makes for mandatory family, school and community viewing.

Krishnan is a Mumbai-based Filmmaker


Manish Mehrotra On Food
I’d like to recommend a whole range of places, starting with street food. The Vaishnav Chaat Bhandaar in Kamla Nagar Market has delicious stuff. The laccha tokri chaat and aloo tikki are my favourites. I think that the best sambar in Delhi is served bySaravanaa Bhavan. I also like to indulge in indian mushroom risotto at Olive Beach. Other restaurants I visit often are Wasabi and La Piazza. They serve great food. What matters the most is how delicious, innovative and hygienic the restaurant’s food is. The ambience and décor, although important, are only secondary.

Mehrotra is Executive Chef, Pan Asian Cuisine For Old World Hospitality


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