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Compiled By Nabilah Ibrahim

One of the artists I like the most is Subodh Gupta. He is original and talented. The Indian art scene has by many other good artists such as painter Bose Krishnamachari or Bari Kumar, who deals brilliantly with contemporary issues in his paintings. Anita Dube is fantastic: she doesn’t know how to paint, but she’s managed to establish her own art without an academic background. There is also Mithu Sen, who deals with personal issues, sentiments and ideas in a very contemporary aspect. They obviously bring Indian art to a certain level, and have a strong participation in market-making.

Sen is an artist based in Delhi


Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-up Bird Chronicle is a gripping stream of consciousness within modern urban existence, along with forays into the century’s worst nightmares. Pallavi Aiyar’s Smoke and Mirrors: An Experience of China is a portrayal of Chinese society written with affection and a critical eye. For those concerned about the long shadows of Nazism, Ian Kershaw’s  twovolume biography of Hitler, Hubris andNemesis, will stand as the best in a generation. Manjushree Thapa’s Seasons of Flight is a sensitive exploration of emotional growth against the background of migration and conflict.

Simeon is the author of Revolution Highway


I enjoyed watching the six-part seriesThe Story of India by Michael Wood, as he has a different and an interesting way of looking at India as a foreigner. I was really happy to see how Peepli [Live] by Anusha Rizvi enhanced such a realistic and unusual aspect of Indian cinema with a closer approach to life. Wait Until Dark by Terence Young is exciting for its huge suspense and drama. I loved  Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron by Kundan Shah. This dark comedy on corruption in politics is amazingly humorous. It was absolutely brilliant.Life is Beautiful by Roberto Benigni is wellmade and touching.

Dutta is a filmmaker based in Delhi


I am a huge fan of the English blues-rock guitarist Jeff Beck, and enjoyed his album Emotion and CommotionLed Zeppelin’s music is perfect. The lyrics and the compositions are fascinating. I can listen to it any time during the day. Yet another favourite is American rock band Steely Dan, whose musicians are making a great mix between funk, rock, jazz, pop and R&B. Hindustani classical music is also interesting. I think  Shahid Parvez Khan is a fine sitar player. Also, I feel music lovers must listen to European classical music.

Chintamani is a bass guitar player in Delhi-based band Advaita


One can find the best seafood of the country at Gajalee in Mumbai. I really enjoy their authentic coastal food and Malwani cuisine. At the Olympia Hotel in Hyderabad, one can taste traditional tea-time snacks, and I especially like their Irani tea. The best biryani can also be found in Hyderabad, in a restaurant called Paradise. They serve sumptuous halim with meat. In Delhi,Oh! Calcutta serves fantastic Bengali food, with great quality flavours and ingredients. I like dining at Three Sixty Degrees in The Oberoi in Delhi. Their cold fish is sumptuous. It is a great place to sit with large open windows.

Nath is a Delhi-based chef


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