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Compiled by Reshma MR

Role reversal Untitled by Jangarh Singh Shyam

Dadiba Pundole On Art
Jangarh Singh Shyam (1962-2001), a self-taught artist from rural Madhya Pradesh, created works that were a wonderful combination of traditional subjects and techniques adapted from his urban environment in Bhopal. In the above image, one sees a wild boar with tigers in its stomach; a contradiction of the laws of the jungle. It is a moment of fantasy that is highlighted by the intricate and wonderfully decorative patterns on the boar’s body and the contrasting palette used to depict the tigers. The sense of volume and three-dimensionality are highlighted by the stark, clean outlines of the boar set against a plain background.

Pundole is the owner of Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai


Subhro Banerjee On Books
Anirban Das’ Loadshadinger Math is a collection of over 50 poems, with unique and quirky names such as O, Ganit andArthonaitik. Hackneyed and predictable colloquialisms are unfamiliarised to surprise and mesmerise the reader. They reflect a dynamic thought process, a strong philosophy and zeal to find out the story behind every little thing in our life. It’s a wonderful experience of reconstructing our own observation.

‘Quirkily named poems surprise the reader by using words in unfamiliar ways’

Banerjee is a Kolkata-based poet


Anthem of the ages David Coverdale from Whitesnake

Ashley Joseph On Music 
The English hard rock band Whitesnake has produced a number of classic hits such as Here I Go Again, Is This Love and Crying in The Rain. Here I Go Again is a rock anthem that was featured in the movie Rock of Ages. The strong vocals and the heavy guitar sync extremely well, creating a superb melody. What stands out about this band is the sheer vocal ability of the frontman and founder David Coverdale. His vocal range is very powerful and quite unmatched.

Ashley is the bassist for Pushing Tin


Behind the scenes A still from Videocracy

Shabani Hassanwalia On Film
Videocracy, by Swedish-Italian director Erik Gandini, is a documentary on Silvio Berlusconi’s incredible control on the disturbingly sexual and deeply banal Italian media. Released in 2009, it shows how this control affected the country’s culture and politics. A disturbing political art piece, it builds such a sinister atmosphere that your vacation to Rome will never be the same. Though poetic in its narrative, it didn’t get a wide release or festival screenings, possibly because of its discomfiting darkness.

Hassanwalia is a filmmaker and co-founder of Hit and Run films


Tushar Jindal On Food
Swagath restaurant at Hotel Janpath, Connaught Place, is one of the best places to eat in Delhi. A restaurant-cum-bar, it has an extensive menu, with an interesting section on shakahari kebabs for vegetarians. However, it is best known for its authentic south Indian seafood. It is a fine-dining restaurant that specialises in Chettinad, Malabari and Goan delicacies. I relish the crab kuzambu. It is spicy and cooked in coconut gravy. It is a Tamilian preparation with the flavour of mint, mustard, khuskhus and curry leaves.

Jindal is a chef at Ananda in the Himalayas, Rishikesh


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