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Compiled By Nabilah Ibrahim

One of the Indian artists I admire greatly is Riyas Komu. He uses different media such as canvas, installations, large sculpture or photography. Personally, I enjoy his installations much more. His work is exciting as it brings a new kind of language, one which is not only touching but also politically engaging. Sudarshan Shetty is also an exceptional artist. I love his large scale sculptures. I find them dynamic and ambitious as they are really huge and conceptual. He uses several media as well and the way he controls his technique allows him to have different approaches in his work.

Karmakar is an artist based in Vadodara


I enjoyed reading The Ash Garden by Canadian author Dennis Bock. This is a wonderful story about a survivor of the 1945 Hiroshima bombings meeting a German scientist who contributed to the making of the atomic bomb. The context is strong and definite. I also recommend K: The Art of Love by Hong Ying, a Chinese author. Based on a true story, the novel is about a love affair between Virginia Woolf’s nephew and a Chinese writer. This erotic and well-written story is also enjoyable, thanks to its vivid and intricate description of war-torn China in the 1930s.

‘It is about a Hiroshima Survivor meeting a German Scientist’ Surayu Srivatsa

Srivatsa is a Mumbai-based author


I enjoyed Shashant Shah’s Dasvidaniya a lot. This film is about a man, Amar, who wants to fulfill 10 wishes before he dies. The storyline is interesting and touching. The actors played their parts perfectly, especially Vinay Pathak, who is the protagonist. I also liked the Tamil film Dasavatharam by KS Ravikumar. The film is experimental and beautiful. The story and make-up are also quite interesting. The most amazing thing about it is that Kamal Haasan has played 10 different roles! I think it is the first time that an actor plays so many roles in the same movie in India.

Bidding adieu A still from Dasvidaniya

Tyagi is a Mumbai-based filmmaker


A great album of 2010 was Lucky Guess by Random Movement. It is a soulful collection of drum and bass and soul. Waterlogged is one of the standout songs. An exciting young Kashmiri rapper from Srinagar called MC Kash has recently come to my attention. Inspired by the turmoil and suffering that Kashmir has endured, Kash’s uncompromising lyrical content is bold and refreshing, especially in his song I Protest. It has also made it impossible for him to find recording space after the police raided his studio.

The defiant one Kashmiri rapper MC kash

Anderson is a DJ based in Delhi



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