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Full bloom An artwork by Fabio Cembranelli
Full bloom
An artwork by Fabio Cembranelli

Compiled by Naina Manjrekar

Surbhi Soni on Art
Fabio Cembranelli is a graduate in architecture, now working as an artist in Brazil. Working mostly with watercolours, acrylic and oil paints, Cembranelli has a penchant for creating the most mesmerising and breathtakingly beautiful images. He seems to share a special relationship with nature, particularly flowers. They literally bloom before one’s eyes as one sees the artist make stroke after confident stroke on his canvas. The colours in his paintings are invariably bright and fresh, exuding a pureness and ebullience deriving from the near transparent quality of his use of colours.

Soni is a Jaipur-based artist


Alexandra Harris on Books 
Are buttons and pins subjects for a book? In ParaphernaliaThe Curious Lives of Magical Things, British academic Steven Connor empties our pockets to examine familiar things that we barely notice. His riddling prose and mischievous humour investigate our need to fiddle and the history of our ‘stuff’. In his hands, or pocket, a clip is pleasurable and profound.

‘Connor empties our pockets to examine familiar things we never notice’

Harris is the UK-based author of romantic moderns


The new kids Franks Got the Funk
The new kids Franks Got the Funk

Aum Janakiram on Music
Alternative Chennai rock band Franks Got the Funk recently released their debut self-titled album. The material is catchy, creative, and with a definitive style. The band consists of five members who just got out of school. They already come with a huge fan following, and definitely have a good few years ahead of them. Old Man is the crowd favourite, but Cop Chase is the track that got me hooked.

Janakiram plays with little Babooshka’s grind


Riding the big one A still from Otelo Burning
Riding the big one
A still from Otelo Burning

Onir on Film 
I recently saw Otelo Burning by South African debutant director Sara Blecher. Set in Durban during the last days of apartheid, the film shows a group of youngsters who take to surfing as an empowering escape from political violence. One sees how this violence outside has become internalised in the characters. The film opened up doors to Africa. The viewer realises that it was as recently as 1994 that the country had segregated beaches for whites, Indians and blacks. I loved how the starkness and the unsteady camera created a sense of reality and tension.

Onir is the director of My Brother Nikhil


Sharad Kumar Verma on Food 
When asked about my favourite options for a meal outside, I would make a beeline for Cuba Libre. It is the Cuban bar and restaurant in GVK One Mall, Hyderabad. The place serves as a restaurant by day, and a club and pub by night. It has become one of the most popular places in town for a crazy party. It is one of the few places in the city with a Central Island bar. And it is the only one with a Cuban Cigar bar. The menu is a mix of popular pizzas and pasta, and more exotic Cuban delicacies for the more adventurous foodies. It all comes together to make for a wonderful gastronomic experience.

Verma is the head chef at Khaan Saab, Hyderabad


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