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Compiled by Naina Manjrekar

First of his kind An artwork by Sanatan Dinda
First of his kind
An artwork by Sanatan Dinda

Debasish Podder on Art
I admire the works of Sanatan Dinda. This young artist, painter, photographer and sculptor has succeeded in making a mark for himself globally and enjoys the honour of having his work displayed at the Buckingham Palace in London and the Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi. He was one of the first among this generation of artists to have mastered the realist style in figurative art. His canvases reflect a preoccupation with the figure of Lord Buddha. Dinda has also perfected his brush at delineating the contours of female figures, which feature extensively in his works.

Podder is a Kolkata-Based Artist


Kynpham Sing Nongkynrih on Books 
Frank Yerby is one of the greatest American writers of the historical novel. His works are the product of meticulous research, written with the clarity of a master storyteller and the lyricism and metaphorical force of an accomplished poet. His book The Saracen Blade is an enjoyable story of the Crusades. He brought the great medieval battles to vivid life.

‘In The Saracen Blade, Yerby brings the great medieval battles to life’

Nongkynrih is a Shillong-Based Poet


Strings that matter Jeff Beck
Strings that matter Jeff Beck

Alex Rintu on Music
Jeff Beck and his guitar-centricity come to my mind. If you go through his discography in a single day, you will find blues-rock, metal, jazz, fusion and electronica. Listen to THX 138, Where Were You and the experimental Scatterbrain too. His progressive compositions, and the way he has evolved his sound, are a continuation of the Jimi Hendrix legacy.

Rintu is a Mumbai-Based Musician


It runs in the family A still from Capturing the Friedmans
It runs in the family
A still from Capturing the Friedmans

Surabhi Saral on Film 
As a documentary, Andrew Jarecki’s Capturing the Friedmans has timeless relevance. The filmmaker’s non-partisan stance stands out in this investigative film about a 1980s child molestation case. The unobtrusively-shot interviews reveal disturbing aspects about family, parenting, law, retribution and redemption. We get sucked into unsettling questions about the world we live in. That makes the film a stunning work of art —by the end, we know that Jarecki wasn’t interested in definite answers to the question that we falsely believe is the film’s agenda.

Saral is a Mumbai-based Documentary filmmaker


Anand Kumar on Food 
Thank God It’s Friday has always been a favourite. This chain of bars and restaurants serves some of the best Mexican food around town. And that is what makes it a great destination for casual dining. The high dose of cheese and chilli sets Mexican cuisine apart from most other kinds of international cuisines available in the market. I recommend the Chimichanga, a preparation of tortilla, stuffed with cheese and blackened chicken, deep fried and served with Mexican rice and a special sauce. This excellent dish defines the place for me. Also commendable is the staff’s excellent hospitality.

Kumar is the executive chef at Khaan Saab, Hyderabad



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