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Compiled by Naina Manjrekar

Heat and dust A photograph by Sayantan Bera

Saswata Bhattacharya on Art
Sayantan Bera is a Kolkata-based freelance photographer and photojournalist. His work attempts to bring together the realism of photojournalism with the romanticism of art. He would qualify as belonging to the New York school. However, he attempts to stretch the boundaries of that convention to capture the gravity of daily experience, forging them into a series of emotionally evocative frames. His photographs also have a raw appeal, given that he doesn’t edit them much.

Bhattacharya is a freelance photographer based in Delhi And Kolkata

The Tell- Tale Brain: Unlocking the Mystery of Human NatureShilpa Phadke on Books
I am reading VS Ramachandran’s The Tell- Tale Brain: Unlocking the Mystery of Human Nature. It is fascinating to find oneself on a journey exploring facets of the human brain, encountering concepts that are addressed in an unfamiliar way because it comes from a different discipline: abstract thought, language, aesthetics, to name a few.

‘The book explores facets of human brain in an unfamiliar way’

Phadke has co-authored why loiter?: Women and risk on Mumbai streets

Classic appeal Gundecha Brothers

Nageen Tanvir on Music
I’d highly recommend the Gundecha Brothers as musicians of great skill and integrity. They can be solely credited for rescuing the Dhrupad form of singing from being obliterated from popular consciousness. Not only have they reinvigorated the dying tradition but also made it more accessible even for lay, untrained audiences. Their work is also commendable for its technical finesse.

Tanvir is a veteran musician and theatre artist

The daydreamer A still from I Am Kalam

Minnie Vaid on Film 
I Am Kalam is an intriguing title for a ‘children’s film’. The protagonist Chhotu is an underprivileged child working at a roadside dhaba. He’s intelligent and learns the ropes quickly. He doesn’t want to be like the thousands of Chhotus working in small industries. Then one day, he watches APJ Abdul Kalam on television and realises he too was a poor boy who’d sell newspapers. Later, he finds himself saying, “I am Kalam.” The underlying theme of child education is deftly interwoven with interpersonal stories and skirmishes, petty jealousies and smartly-won victories.

Vaid is a Mumbai-based documentary filmmaker

Manjit s Gill on Food 
Moti Mahal in Daryaganj offers one the most exquisite dining experiences. The place, in itself a lesson in the history of fine dining in Delhi, has not changed a bit from the earlier days, complete with the antique furniture and the qawwali performance. Another favourite is Chor Bizarre in Broadway Hotel, Delhi. It’s a theme restaurant with every piece of furniture, cutlery and decoration totally different from each other. It has inventively used old sewing machines and cars to conjure up the busy interiors. The Kashmiri fare is worth a try.

Gill is the Corporate Executive Chef with the ITC group


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