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Compiled by Naina Manjrekar

Whimsy of colours
A painting by Anton Henning

Cyrus Shroff on Art
Anton Henning’s work is stubbornly anti-conventional. The German artist’s expansive practice, dripping with equal parts opulence and irony, spans painting, sculpture, video, drawing, furniture design and stained glass. He brings together his apparently incongruent oeuvre through specific strategies of display and positioning, relishing both the absurd and the traditional, being whimsical in a very serious way. The work is refreshing and energising as it, with great self-awareness, rejects the current art world expectations of a cool, one-hit wonder. It throbs with variety, full of the internal contradictions of a multi-layered experience.

Shroff is a London-based artist

The Story of a RiverAunohita Mojumdar on Books 
Alice Albinia’s Empires of the IndusThe Story of a River is intrepid, adventurous, but above all, curious. It traverses India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and China, pursuing the Indus to its source. At its core is the delight of fresh discoveries and a deft integration of history, culture, travel and adventure with people of different regions.

‘The book is intrepid, adventurous, and has the delight of discoveries at its core’

Mojumdar is a Freelance Author Based In Kabul

Chaos theory
Billy Corgan

Surojit Dev on Music
Billy Corgan’s Smashing Pumpkins always gets me hooked. With massive albums like Siamese Twins or Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, their tunes had chaos written all over. Even now, with the regrouped version, the Pumpkins or the deserving Corgan, seem to be more in control of this chaos in the latest albums, yet not forgetting their alternative roots and dirt.

Dev is the Drummer Of Them Clones



Marital bliss
A still from Scenes from a Marriage

Abbas Kazerooni on Film 
The Extra Man, starring Kevin Kline, is about an eccentric man who lives in the lower classes of New York but acts as an aristocrat. He is an escort for elderly wealthy women and vicariously tries to live the rich life. He comes across a confused writer whom he cons to be his roommate and attempts to teach him the ways of life in NYC. It is really funny and Kline is in fine form. Also, the works of Abbas Kiarostami hold great significance because he is a masterful filmmaker. He captures his audience without any gimmicks. One camera and a few good actors and he has you.

Kazerooni is an Iranian Filmmaker

N Balachennaiah on Food 
Khan Saab would be my pick when it comes to quality Indian cuisine. Headed by chef Sharad Kumar Verma, the team has excelled at Mughlai and other Indian styles of cooking, presenting to the guests a wide variety of delicacies to select from. And the Murg Hara Pyaaz deserves a special mention. Located on the top floor, the place affords a spectacular view of Hyderabad, and the interiors are done up in keeping with the Indian ethos of the cuisine. Another thing that makes Khan Saab exceptional is the private dining halls, which make a perfect setting for intimate dinners and lunches.

Balachennaiah is head chef at Zafraan, Hyderabad


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