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Compiled by Abhimanyu Chandra & Bhanu Priya Vyas

Many lives, many colours
Love Beyond Flesh and Blood by Durga Prasad Das
Photo Courtesy: Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai

DP Mohanty On Art
Veteran artist Durga Prasad Das is the president of Lalit Kala Academy’s Bhubaneshwar centre. His richly coloured paintings focus thematically on common, everyday subjects. They depict, for instance, festivals and saris, squirrels and bulls, lending grandeur to simple things. Using Hindu mythology as an inspiration he has also painted the goddess Durga many times. His art emphasises the colour and richness of India. Shown widely across the country, his work is on permanent display at the Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Bengaluru. A student of Shantiniketan, his students too have made a mark in the art circles.

Mohanty is Associate Professor in painting, Benares Hindu University


Sachin Garg On Books
Michael Crichton’s Micro is about a bunch of scientists who are miniaturised and held captive in a bag. They escape to a perilous Hawaiian rain forest, where even the smallest insects, such as 40-legged centipedes, seem huge. It captures the dynamics of looking at a rain forest from the point of view of tiny scientists. The graphic detailing and description of organisms make it a masterpiece.

‘Miniaturised scientists lost in a perilous rain forest where tiny insects are dangerous’

Garg is the author of I’m Not Twenty Four

Dougie Payne from Travis
Layered words Dougie Payne from Travis

Floyd Pereira On Music 
Travis is a UK-based alternative rock band. The four members come up with fantastic tunes with interesting and meaningful lyrics. It makes their songs unpredictable, with varied interpretations. One remarkable song Driftwood could simply be about a piece of wood floating on water, or about us humans, who sometimes drift in life, never going beyond the surface of things. Another song, Under-16, lampoons the idea of men trying to date much younger girls.

Pereira is a Mumbai-based musician

A still from The Fall
Twists in the tale
A still from The Fall

Varun Mathur On Film
The Fall by Tarsem Singh follows stories within stories that blur the lines of reality and illusion, and explore the manifestation of an idea into reality. Singh delves deeply into the concepts of identity. His montages are visually sublime. Where some might see complication, I think the film was about the simplicity of love and the clarity in emotion. The movie chases the ideas of child-like simplicity and its sincerity juxtaposing them with the complications and duplicity of adult life.

Mathur is a co-director of  The Owner

Moshe Shek On Food
My favourite eatery is Soam, in Babulnath, Mumbai. The ambience is pleasant and the place is quite simple. It offers standard snacks but has the best chaat in the city. The paani-poori and sugarcane juice there are particularly good. My favourite items on the menu are dahi sev puri and panki. Those with a sweet tooth must try their jalebis. They are nothing like the usual thick and oily kind available elsewhere. Thin and savoury, their preparation is a treat. An important reason I like the place is that it serves only vegetarian fare, providing vegetarians with abundant choices.

Shek is the owner of the Moshe’s chain of restaurants, Mumbai


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