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Compiled by Arjun Khurana & Seher Gopal

Stealing the show: A photograph by Shiv Ahuja

Dinesh Khanna On Art
Shiv Ahuja has recently graduated from Delhi University and has pursued music and concert photography for the past three years. Perhaps it is because he is a musician himself, he has been able to capture and showcase the emotions and the high voltage energy of artists on stage. His understanding of what it takes to be in front of the camera has resulted in a dynamic body of work. As India’s live music scene rapidly evolves, Ahuja’s photography, which exhibits a unique sensitivity to the vagaries of stage performance, has immense archival value — 10 years from now you’ll be able to trace a visual history of live music in India.


I Will Not Die an Unlived LifePreeti Shenoy On Books
Thirty years ago Dawna Markova was told that she had six months to live. Today she is a psychotherapist, researcher, author and long term cancer survivor. Her book I Will Not Die an Unlived Life takes the reader on a poignant personal journey of her pain and re-discovery of what it means to be alive. She inspires the reader to think, to figure out their passion and follow it, instead of living a life in either fear or without a purpose.

‘This poignant tale of surviving cancer teaches one how to live’

Shenoy Is The Author Of Life Is What You Make It


 Billy Howerdel
Rock supergroup: Billy Howerdel

Rudre Malik On Music 
A Perfect Circle, formed by guitarist Billy Howerdel and Toolvocalist Maynard James Keenan, is one of my favourite bands.Rolling Stone called it “a desperate dream of what rock used to be, and maybe that’s the point”. Keenan’s vocals lend an incomparable angst to Howerdel’s music. Their music is heavily lyric-oriented with brooding melodies, hypnotic arrangements and droning rhythms. Fans of alternative and progressive rock must listen to the albums Mer de Noms and Thirteenth Step.

Malik Is the guitarist For Delhi-Based Band Insight


 A still from Oedipus Rex
Royal tragedy: A still from Oedipus Rex

Anusha Rizvi On Film
I’d like to tell readers about Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Oedipus Rex. Pasolini was an Italian filmmaker, journalist, painter, poet, writer and prominent political figure in Italy, a truly talented if controversial man. He has woven together pre-World War II Italy and ancient Greece in this re-telling of the Sophoclean tale. This twist in the plot is coupled with his arresting visuals, setting and production. The film was nominated for the Golden Lion at the 1967 Venice Film Festival. Another movie of his I’d recommend is his adaptation of The Canterbury Tales.

Rizvi Is The Director Of Peepli Live


Zorawar Kalra On Food
Le Cirque at The Leela hotel, Delhi, is a fine-dining restaurant that houses an extensive collection of wine. Their menu is 80 percent French and 20 percent Italian. Their service is incredible due to a staff trained in New York restaurants. The presentation of their food is enhanced by some of the best cutlery I’ve seen. I would recommend a meal starting off with their fabulous Caesar salad. Follow that up with the tuna tartare, foie gras, guchchi risotto and wagyu beef steak, which has been imported from Japan. For dessert, try the tiramisu, which is made live.

Kalra Is The Founder And CEO Of The Punjabi Grill Chain


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