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Compiled by Aradhna Wal & Naina Manjrekar

Heavy metal  An artwork by Simon Raab
An artwork by Simon Raab

Insa Rullkoetter On Art
I would highly recommend the work of American artist Simon Raab. He creates exhilarating “landscapes” from large sheets of metal, which he first paints and then forms by hand. His art style is famously called ‘Parleau’, which means ‘through water’ in French. The surface of his works calls to mind reflections on water caused by the dynamic interplay of light and shadow, colour and form. Just as life is continuously in motion, Raab moves from one idea to the next, allowing cold industrial materials to guide him along the way as he transforms them into vigorous works of art.

Rullkoetter Is An Artist And Art Manager Based In Germany


Nabila Jamshed On Books
The Ascent of Rum Doodle is a brilliant and neartragically underrated book written by WE Bowman. The story features an imaginary Everest and a band of eccentric men determined to lead an assault on it. It is a biting commentary on Orientalism, pretence and honorifics to what passes for human endeavour.

‘The story has a band of eccentric men leading an assault on an imaginary Everest’

Jamshed Is The Author Of Wish Upon A Time: The Legendary Scimitar


Heavy duty  Swedish band Opeth
Heavy duty Swedish band Opeth

Karan Nambiar On Music
Opeth is one of the biggest progressive metal acts in the world today. The Swedish band is inspirational because of its diverse sound. Very few bands can run through brutal heavy sections and beautiful clean ambient parts as well as these guys. One must check out their album Watershed and catch them live in February in Bengaluru!

Nambiar Is The Cocalist Of The Delhi-Based Band Guillotine


Tête-à-tête A still from Happy Times
Tête-à-tête A still from Happy Times

Jasmine K Roy On Film
Happy Times by Chinese director Zhang Yimou is a bittersweet film about relationships, and finding love and happiness in the most challenging of circumstances. The film tells the story of a middleaged bachelor who is despe rately trying to get married, while his girlfriend dumps her blind stepdaughter on him. The film moves from being comical to poignant as a unique bond develops between the young girl and the old man. The filmmaker manages to create some tender moments that linger on much after the film has ended.

Roy Is An Independent Filmmaker


Aditya Kohli On Food
I’d recommend San Gimignano, an Italian restaurant at The Imperial Hotel, New Delhi. It is named after the city in Italy where the first ever pizza was made. Fittingly, the cuisine is extremely authentic. My favourite dish is the spaghetti petrochina, made with olive oil, garlic, oregano and chilli pepper. The interior is beautiful, with wooden furniture and photographs of the city of San Gimignano from the early 19th century decorating the walls. One of them is of the oldest pizza ovens. There is even a dining space outside, with a live pizza oven for guests who want to see their food being cooked.

Kohli Is A Chef At The Radisson Hotel, Paschim Vihar, Delhi


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