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Dilip Chobisa on Art

Dhruva Mistry is an award winning sculptor and artist. What impresses me the most about his work is the conviction with which he makes it, and the way he uses material like plaster of Paris, which very few artists work with. He is a very academically oriented artist, and includes concepts like form and space in his creations. Even when working with materials like wood or metal, Mistry does everything from moulding to cutting himself. I am particularly fond of an old work of his called Little Bird.

Chobisa is a sc ulpt or bas ed in Ba roda


Gyan Prakash on Books

Spanish novelist Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s trilogy — The Shadow of the Wind, The Angel’s Game and The Prisoner of Heaven — is an exploration of a writer’s life and the craft of writing. The gripping narrative revolves around a boy aspiring to write, who comes across a forgotten novel in a secret library. Though there is an element of fantasy and philosophical reflection, the books remain appeasing as a thriller.

Prakash is th e auth or of Mumbai Fables




Rohan Kulshreshtha on Music

I have closely followed the journey of English rock band Radiohead, how their music has progressed over the years. They have shaped their sounds as they’ve grown more mature, from album to album, bringing something new every time. I liked their album Kid A. Their fifth album Amnesiac went experimental with influences of electronica and jazz, and is considered as one of the path-breaking albums of the decade.

Kulshreshtha plays bass for Peter Cat Recording Co


Swati Singh on Film

British documentary filmmaker Kim Longinotto’s Divorce Iranian Style is one of my favourite documentaries. What makes it special is how it counters all our stereotypes about women in Iran. These women talk about their dissatisfaction with various aspects of their marriages. Based on three central characters, Jamilah, Ziba and Maryam, this documentary explores how sharia law also supports women. The way it chronicles the women’s ingenuity and strength as they fight for their rights, this movie is likely to turn all your perceptions upside-down.

Singh is a Delhi-bas ed documenta ry filmmaker


Priyanka Malhotra on Food

I like Flavors of Italy in Defence Colony, New Delhi. Its simple and fresh Italian food is something that I look forward to after a long day at work. The staff is friendly and accommodating. My personal favourite is the vegetarian penne Bolognese. The place is also known for its thin crust wood-fire oven pizzas and its decadent dessert selection. The ambience is relaxed and lovely — one can sit outside on winter nights with little heaters that warm your feet, and it’s equally wonderful on hot summer evenings, with dinky coolers that keep you cool.

Malhotra is th e owner of Café Turtle, New Delhi



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