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Hema Upadhyay on Art

Kimsooja’s experimental work To Breathe: Bottari, shown at the Korean Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, is a fantastic amalgamation of colour, sound, philosophy, science, performance and void. The pavilion is covered with a translucent film which refracts the outside, throwing it into various colours of the rainbow. This varies throughout the day with the sunlight. The audiences become performers walking on this mirror like surface. They are also shut in this room, which then becomes pitch dark. One is overcome with this void, and all one can hear is their own breathing.

Upadhyay is a Mumbai-based artist


Abha Iyengar on Books

Harper Lee’s classic To Kill a Mocking Bird is renowned for its warmth and humour simultaneously dealing with issues of racism and rape in the American South. The narrator as witness grows up in an environment that discriminates against black people. The role of her father is important; Atticus Finch, a white lawyer who defends a black man for the sake of justice.

Iyengar is a Delhi-based writer



Valentine Shipley on Music

Mark Freuder Knopfler, popularly known as a fingerstyle guitarist, is a musician, songwriter, record producer and film score composer. He founded the band Dire Straits which topped the charts with its track Sultans of Swing. A man with skilled, versatile fingers, Knopfler’s guitar spelled out his heart. Watching his live performance at the Nelson Mandela Concert at Wembley, London, left a deep impact on me.

Shipley is a Delhi-based guitarist


Hemant Chaturvedi on film

Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam, directed by Guru Dutt, is a period film released in 1962 and starred legendary actors like Meena Kumari, Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rehman. The film achieved excellence in every department, but its excellent cinematography made it special. It was done by VK Murthy, who depicted that era with great finesse through varied lighting techniques. Another highlight of the movie was Kumari’s performance who breathed life into the role of Chhoti Bahu. The film was spectacular in every way.

Chaturvedi a is the cinematographer of Ishaqzaade


Harish Kohli on food

Moet’s Chinese Room, a fine dining restaurant located in Civil Lines, Delhi, is thronged by the students and the food is highly recommended. Though the menu offers some standard fare — dishes seen in most Indianised Chinese joints — it comes well prepared. Some tried and tested favourites are the diced chicken Hong Kong style, chicken in oyster sauce and the prawns in hot garlic sauce. The laid-back ambience is genial enough, the place is generally populated by its longtime patrons, mostly collegegoers, and the pleasant music adding to the soothing effect.

Kohli is the owner of Hot Pot, New Delhi



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