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The space that draws Stalker by CS Jayaraman
The space that draws Stalker by CS Jayaraman

Vinod Laxman on Art

CS Jayaraman is an artist, sculptor, designer, professor, art historian and a musician. Each of his paintings pushes the viewer into the very depths from where the work issues forth. The thrill lies in the discovery of the fact that the virtual space of the canvas is carefully orchestrated through the seeming randomness of forms and shapes. Moreover, the space from whence all the forms and shapes spring forth before occupying his canvas, are one and the same. These phenomena can be observed in two of his works Stalker and Testing the Ropes.

Laxman teaches at Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi


Hero or not? From Flight
Hero or not? From Flight

Nikhat Powell on Film

Flight by Robert Zemeckis is beautifully shot and edited and has a brilliant performance by Denzel Washington as an alcoholic airline pilot. The plotline about the pilot’s alcohol abuse is intricately tied up with the disaster of a flight going down. One does not mind the length of the movie because of the tension that builds along as the story progresses. Though the end could be perceived as a negative one, I thought the protagonist to actually be a ‘hero’ with this end.

Powell runs the film school Magic in Motion


Basrur is the lead singer of the band Goddess Gagged
Basrur is the lead singer of the band Goddess Gagged

Siddharth Basrur on music

The indie band Null Friction is underrated because the members haven’t bothered with publicity. Their music is very different from anything else on the Indian indie scene. Their singles Seasons and Contact are my favourite. They combine alternative rock with ambient sound and a little electronica. Frontman Shreyans Jha’s vocal texture is sublime. It has this grainy, rawness about it. They’re not the first band to explore this genre, but they put their own stamp on it.

Harsh Snehanshu on books

Mayank Austen Soofi weaves strands of poignant stories together with great sensitivity in Nobody Can Love You More. It brings out a true picture of the enigmatic world of Delhi’s red light area. There are also heart-wrenching photographs with their stories of sorrow, loneliness and heartbreak. He breaks the narrator-character distance as he writes as his subjects’ friend rather than a journalist.

Snehanshu has authored Because Shit Happened

Kuldeep Kumar on Food

ITC’s Earthen Oven New Delhi, offering Punjabi cuisine, serves the best butter chicken. Their other specialties include the rich and creamy earthen oven dal makhni, and kebabs. They cater mainly to the corporate clientele who love the restaurant for its reasonable prices and a wide variety of food. Their version of the mutton rogan josh gets the flavours of this frequently butchered Kashmiri dish just right, and the dhaba chooza is a must have. The chef in charge of the open kitchen, Harish, is helpful and welcoming towards all customers.

Kumar is the Manager of the Café Chocolateria San Churro, New Delhi


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