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Kolkata tunes A work by Swati Pasari
Kolkata tunes A work by Swati Pasari

Ramesh Gorjala on Art

Swati Pasari is a young, upcoming artist drawing from the many art traditions of Kolkata. For her age, her paintings exhibit a certain maturity and depth of meaning. It shows in her understanding of her subject matter. It is difficult to express spirituality through paintings. Often, artists end up making paintings religious rather than spiritual. However, that is not the case with her. Her use of bright colours on fairly large canvasses in a well-structured manner is very pleasing to the eyes. Her paintings are mostly themed around spiritual ideas and her recent line of work explores the theme of celebration.

Gorjala is a Hyderabad-based artist


Amitava Chakrabarty on Books

In Uttara Yogi, Arup Mitra writes that the saint Vasudeva predicted in the village of Nagai, of a yogi from the north (uttar) who would liberate his followers. Arrested for resisting the British division of Bengal, Sri Aurobindo meditated in Alipore Jail, attaining higher spirituality. Once free, he went to Pondicherry, fulfilling Vasudeva’s prophecy. Fact and fiction make this book incredible.

Chakrabarty is a Kolkata-based poet



His twisted words Thom Yorke
His twisted words Thom Yorke

Abhishek Bhatia on Music

English musician Thom Yorke is the lead vocalist and principal songwriter of Radiohead. He is known for his distinctive mellow tenor. His songs are dark, eerie and he experiments a lot with his vocal effects. The Beatles were his childhood favourite and a lot of his songs show very strong influences of the band and their musicality. The song Judge Jury and Executioner is my personal favourite.

Bhatia is the vocalist of  The Circus



Whodunnit A still from Memories of Murder
Whodunnit A still from Memories of Murder

Amit Rai on Film

The South Korean film Memories of Murder, directed by Bong Joonho, is a splendid crime-drama thriller. Based on true accounts of serial murders, it revolves around the investigation by two detectives in a small village in Korea. The screenplay and cinematography are remarkable. The murders always occur when it rains with the same song playing on the radio. The director incorporates humour in the movie in the form of social satire, carried off by some very impressive performances by the two leads Song Kang-ho and Kim Sang-kyung.

Rai is the director of  Road To Sangam



Manu Chandra on Food

I would pick Fishland over fine dining Indian restaurants any day. This small, Bengaluru based joint serves some of the best Mangalorean cuisine with fresh and delicious seafood. The place looks simple, with no fancy frills, resembling a basic kitchen room. However, the flavours are quite complex, befitting Mangalorean food, which uses a lot of ingredients, like kokum and coconut milk, in its preparation. Try the fish thali, which consists of rice, fish curry, veg pallya, rasam and buttermilk, the kane masala fry and the prawn curry.

Chandra is the executive chef at Olive Beach, Bengaluru


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