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The point of focus A work by SH Raza
The point of focus A work by SH Raza

Ishaan Gupta on Art

Padma Shri recipient Syed Haider Raza expresses the mystery of nature and its form through colour, line, space and light on his canvas. His vibrant paintings beautifully depict the imagery of the real and abstract landscapes. The use of wavy brushstrokes in his paintings never fails to mesmerise art lovers. He believes that energy and creativity start at a focal point, the bindu. He believes that an artist sees things for himself like any other person and there is no binding or forcing of things. It has to be an association of free ideas. Art is fascinating because there are no rules and regulations.

Gupta is A Delhi-Based Artist


Picture poetry From Songs...
Picture poetry From Songs…

Anand Gandhi on Film

Roy Andersson’s Songs from the Second Floor looks like a series of sketches ranging from deeply philosophical to absurdly ridiculous. The imagery gives an experience of the real, the mundane, the deity personal, all at the same time, making an observation of the economic meltdown and total collapse of reason in society. There is constant addition of a sense of alienation within the great rush which makes the film hyper real. Andersson’s prophetic approach makes this film an extremely poetic voyage.

Gandhi is The Director of The Ship Of Theseus


Let it be George Harrison
Let it be George Harrison

Siby Mathew on Music

George Harrison was introduced to Indian music by Pt Ravi Shankar, which proved to be a strong influence on his musical innovations. His transcendental genius showed through his eloquent melodic sense.Harrison’s vocal lines and guitar lines show a varied range of influences. When The Beatles released Abbey Road and Revolver, much of the musical contributions were by Harrison. Something by Harrison is my favourite.

Mathew is the guitarist for The Urban Early Men.



Durjoy Datta on Books

Funny and tragic, John Green’s The Fault in our Stars deals with the naked truth and tragic business of life, death and people caught in between. Two cancer-stricken teenagers, Hazel and Augustus, are as different as chalk and cheese. The children fight to live life and not live just to fight a disease. The book doesn’t glorify the people, the victim, or the survivors. It is insightful and witty, showing how survivors are as real and heroic as everyone else.

Datta is The Author Of Someone Like You





Rajyasree Sen on Food

Rara Avis is a traditional French bistro which serves authentic French cuisine in Delhi. The oddly named restaurant has a simple yet elegant set-up on the second floor along with a beautiful terrace with an unimpeded view of the city skyline. It’s one of the few places where you can order escargots cooked to perfection and a beef fondue, both of which are classic French dishes and very hard to come by. The meat in the fondue is of excellent quality and flavour. For dessert lovers, I strongly recommend the crème brulee. Great taste and prompt service – it is value for money.

Sen is A Delhi-Based Food Columnist And Runs Her Own Catering Outlet



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