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Dark fantasy Moonrise by Ansel Adams

Nupur Nanal on Art
American photographer Ansel Adams has been a source of inspiration for contemporary photographers. His black and white images of mountain ranges depict natural beauty like no other artist could without the use of colour. In the dark room, he came up with revolutionary ideas to develop images like the zone system. The images he captured require a lot of imagination and are technically brilliant, especially for the time that they were created in. There is something grand and supernatural about his picture Moonrise, which is one of my favourites. He made inanimate objects come alive.

Nanal is a Pune-based photographer


Trisha Ray on Books
Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish Policeman’s Union is a beautifully crafted book. In an alternative version of events after the World War II, Jewish refugees from Europe find a temporary home in Sitka in Alaska, which is about to revert to American control. The plot is revealed through the voice of the Chandleresque Meyer Landsman who explores Jewish identity with humour and panache.

‘The plot is revealed through the voice of Meyer Landsman, who explores Jewish identity’

Ray is the author of  The Girls Behind The Gunfire


Real thing KT Tunstall

Tejas Menon on Music
KT Tunstall was relatively unknown for the first 15 years of her career, but was catapulted to success in 2004 when she performed on the show Later… with Jools Holland. She uses a loop pedal, which makes her live performances unique. All her songs resonate with her experiences, making the lyrics meaningful. She is also one of the best acoustic guitar players I’ve ever come across. The track Black Horse and the Cherry Tree is my favourite.

Menon is a Pune-based musician


Breathless A still from Following

Pradeep Menon on Film
Christopher Nolan’s crisp black-and-white debut feature, Following, is a gritty thriller that rarely gives you time to pause for breath. It tells the story of a writer who follows people to glean stories from their lives, before things take a murky turn. Written, directed and co-edited by Nolan himself, Following was made over a period of a year, with part-time actors and a tiny budget. Even then, one can see his trademark non-linear narrative and his penchant for keeping the audience guessing till the very end and delivering a knockout conclusion.

Menon is a Mumbai-based filmmaker


Meena Suchde on Food 
The Italian cuisine served at La Pizzeria is one of the best that Pune has to offer. My favourite in particular is the Classic Margherita Pizza. The pasta in white sauce is light, delicate and has the most amazing texture. Both these dishes make a great combination with wine. La Pizzeria is pure vegetarian, a fact that sits well with me because I am vegetarian too. The ambience is calm and relaxed, which is ideal for those who want to enjoy the authentic feast without suffering from the distraction of loud music. The service is prompt.

Suchde is a Pune-based retired culinary arts professor



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